FOF #991 – La Monistat Keeps it Fresh!

May 26, 2009 · 91426 views

Marc Felion, La Monistat, Fausto Fernós

Although San Francisco drag queen La Monistat was named 2009’s Best Drag Queen by the readers of SF Weekly, she still considers herself an outsider to the drag world.

With her flair for performance art, self expression and crazy blood soaked costuming, she isn’t your everyday queen on the scene.

La Monistat says she was invited to be a contestant in the first season of Rupaul’s drag race but she declined. Now, why wouldn’t a rising drag queen want the publicity?

On today’s show we’re talking to Dino Socco- the fierce drag queen that is La Monistat!

La Monistat, unmasked! La Monistat La Monistat
La Monistat performs in San Francisco La Monistat La Monistat

She’s in Chicago checking out all of the delicacies offered at the California’s Day of Decision and the skinny on Chi Chi LaRue’s new look and music video which mocks Rupual. Does Chi Chi really hate RuPaul or is this just a publicity stunt?

All this and the state of drag after Trannyshack, one of the nation’s longest running drag shows, is no longer a weekly event.

You can catch LaMonistat every Tuesday for Chaser at The End Up in San Francisco.

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  1. Michael says:

    Haven’t listened yet boys….but, I saw Chi Chi at the Grabby’s on Saturday night and all I can say is that she looks like a Bobblehead now, really big head, really small body…oh yeah and she’s got a turkey wattle – hope she gets that fixed soon! Gobble Gobble Gobble!!!

  2. CT says:

    The name is too funny…and with an attitude to match!

  3. monistat says:

    i actually love hearing my own voice.. who knew

  4. Julián says:

    I FEELLLL after listening to this pod cast, that monistat is a really mega bitch. Haha, I was like shivering from how much of a cold bitch she was! Haha,

    Monistat, why all the hate?

  5. TrickyToro says:

    It was nice to put a voice to the many hillarious facebook comments. I am def. a convert. I love Monistat! Nice to have some San Francisco sass on the show. Some might accuse here of hating but imo she was just keeping it real and for that I am totally appreciative.

  6. Drew says:

    Here she comes now saying moni, moni.

  7. monistat says:

    dear Julian,

    does it really matter that much to you why Im such a bitch? i dont need to explain myself to you…LOL. but thanks for listening

    take care now.


  8. CharlesVer33 says:

    What did Moni say that was bitchy? Maybe I missed it, but I thought she was funny and sweet.

  9. Kieran says:

    I would love to see the show. Good interview btw. No nonsense.

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