FOF #1399 – Don’t Get GLAAD, Get Mad

Jun 20, 2011 · 66818 views

Okay we couldn't think of a good image to illustrate the story, so here is Amy Winehouse with a bunch of sexy spartans instead.

A week and a half after our sizzling expose on GLAAD’s bizarre support of the AT&T / T-Mobile merger, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, a media-monitoring organization that works to prevent the defamation of LGBT people in the media is now struggling to maintain its own image.

Due to the public outcry over GLAAD’s endorsement of the merger, which many believe to be a sell-out to corporate interests at the expense of a free and open Internet. And now, El Presidente Jarrett Barrios has offered his resignation.

He may be gone, but what’s really at stake here is net neutrality and the sad fact that most people have no clue how the internet even works.

When advocacy groups lose the ability to admit they made a mistake, all is lost. Why not just say we’re sorry and refudiate the endorsement?

Join us for this and all the hot news–

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Seven Year Itch” dress fetches a record breaking $4.6 million at auction.

Amy Winehouse is back and as messy as ever.

Killer clowns

And do we know the secret identity of Randall, the man behind the Honey Badger videos on YouTube?

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  1. Alvin Stearns says:

    “Why not just say we’re sorry and refudiate the endorsement?”

    Refudiate. (Chuckles behind hand.)

    Looking forward to the show, guys. I’m glad you’re following this story.

  2. Benjamin says:

    ^^ Refudiate? Sarah Palin writing this :)

  3. tim w. says:

    I thought that randal was the guy from the “my son is gay” videos, who also plays the voice of the mom on Bob’s Burger. It’s the long island accent.

      • Barrett says:

        The “Christmas Tree” Mom is John Roberts. He’s doing voice work for a show on Fox now.

      • Barrett says:

        Great show guys. I lost it during the discussion of the clowns.

        I’m a little strapped for cash now otherwise I’d happily make another donation. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ve been interviewing for a promotion and I promise the first thing I do if I get a salaried job is give back to you guys.

        The GLAAD/AT&T discussions have been great. I listened to this podcast and the one with Barrios today. Wasn’t really impressed with what the Mayoress of Excuses Village had to say, but your other two guests were really informative.

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