Ask Cassandra Peterson (Elivra) Anything!

Jul 6, 2010 · 1985 views

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Comments closed! Listen to the interview here. Tomorrow we’re talking to Cassandra Peterson, best known for her on-screen horror hostess character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Cassandra stars in Peaches Christ’s debut horror/comedy film “All […]


  1. brian says:

    I LOVE Elvira and Cassandra!!! When I was little, my parents wouldn’t let me watch Mistress of the Dark. Obviously, I now know it line-by-line and I credit her/them with most of my favorite one-liners! My question is the following: of all the one-liners you’ve heard and said, do you have a favorite that just never gets old? My favorite is: “Does a chicken have a pecker?” (it’s a sarcastic way of saying ‘of course’). Thanks and have a great show!!!!

  2. Cole says:

    I DO so hope that maybe another Elvira movie or television show is in the works! If studio execs could get their heads out of (well, ya know…) But I was wondering why you think it is that our people love you so much–is it the one-liners, the outfit and big hair, the bazooms, the outsider stance Elvira has, or what? This enquiring mind wants to know….

  3. Rock says:

    You became active in the LGBT movement early before it was actually “fashionable” for stars to get involved. What was it that made you take such an interest and become so actively involved? Hope you have another movie soon!!

  4. sharon zwolinkiewicz says:

    what was it like losing your virginity to Tom Jones? did he sing during climax?

  5. Dan Barrera says:

    A couple of years ago, a search for a new Elvira was done via reality show. Loved the male Elvira impersonators! Whatever became of the winner? I heard a rumor that Movie Macabre might be coming back to “boob” tube. If it’s true, I can’t wait to hear Elvira wish us all again, “Unpleasant Dreams…”

  6. Guy says:

    Dear Cassandra, thank you so much for all you do for our community. I love both of your movies, and play them every year at my annual halloween movie night. If you were hosting a halloween movie night, what would be your top 3 picks?

  7. carrma says:

    Yea! I had the pleasure of meeting Cassandra/Elvira some years back when I was working a Haunted House she made an appearance at. Love her movies and thrilled to hear that Movie Macabre is coming back. As far as question: How did the collaboration with Leslie Hall come about? What are her thoughts on the videogame PAIN (it recently added an Elvira character)?

  8. Joey Y says:

    Many people in showbiz have bittersweet feelings toward a certain character they play if it becomes a cultural icon. Are you happy or regretful that she became an almost impossible act to follow?

  9. Erica Roberts says:

    I love Elvira! I’ve been a fan of her’s since I can remember. I want to know who does her hair or wig and how does she get it to stay up like that?

  10. christian says:

    Has playing the role of elvira kept you from taking roles outside the horror or comedy genre? ie typecast like william shatner as kirk. etc.

  11. Clint K. Stanley says:

    Will you ever stop being so gorgeous? Seriously!! Also, can we hope for another Elvira calender in 2011?

  12. Justin says:

    If you were to start out on the road to becoming Elvira today, how would you go about it successfully?

  13. Dusan says:

    Your favorite perfume(s)?

  14. Catboy Qunhua says:

    Elvira’s Movie Macabre was a major part of the stuff I loved watching while growing up. ChiP’s, Magnum PI, etc. You were on some of those other shows if I remember. (CHiPs I think) If you had the chance, would you have done the Muppet Show?

  15. Seana D. says:

    I loved Elvira’s reality show from a couple years ago, but I want to know if Cassandra be playing Elvira on the new Movie Macabre show or will it be the next Elvira from her reality show? And what ever happened to the Manviras?

  16. Josh says:

    Living in Southern California, I frequently attended Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt, or Knott’s Scary Farm. My most memorable visits to Scary Farm were when you were there. I especially liked the year(s) when you were on stage with The Crypt Keeper. From what I understand, there is a book being written about Knott’s Scary Farm. My question is: Could you offer the author any interesting facts or experiences from your time at Knott’s? Thank you for doing this Q & A thing … it’s a little different than the T & A thing. 🙂

  17. Kristian says:

    Hi Cassandra! You’re the hottest woman alive and a horror icon equal to Lugosi, Englund, and Karloff. You’re also incredibly hot! Your humor, charisma, and originality have made you one of the most important people in popular culture for horror fans across the world. Of course, you’re also breathtakingly hot. My question: will we see you do a regular show? Did I mention your hotness?

  18. Neil says:

    I know I brought an weird item for you to sign at a convention, but what is the strangest thing you have ever signed? Also this question is very important to me. I am an Elvis Tribute Artist (impersonator) and have heard conflicting stories of your encounters with the king. What is the true stories of your encounters with Elvis? Did you ever have a intimate relationship with him? Thanks!


  19. Julie Young says:

    I love you and your movies!I’ve past my love of you down to my children and some of their friends.I don’t get to travel because I have a 9 year old son that is in a coma that I care for 24/7.My question is do you think that you’ll ever make it down here to Georgia?That would be a dream come true for me!Love Ya!

  20. Brandon M says:

    First off, I just want to say that I have been a huge fan of Cassandra/Elvira ever since I was young. I looked forward to Halloween every year just to see the life size cut-outs of you and your gorgeous legs…;o). One question I have is that if you had to pick a song to define your career and or life, what would it be? Second question…………how are you still so sexy after all these years???

  21. Rik Potter Butler says:


    Many of your fans are real Witches, and we would like to know, do you believe in Witchcraft?


    Rik Potter Butler

  22. Gary says:

    I absolutely love Elvira and have for years! I hope to meet you in person one day! My question: Will there ever be another Elvira movie? If so, can I be in it? 🙂

  23. Michael says:

    Hello Mistress,
    I have two questions – firstly, is there any chance of you making any European appearances for your legions of fans over here?

    Secondly, is the anniversary edition of your movie still forthcoming on DVD?

    Your faithful minion,

  24. Juantana says:

    OMG, first of all, I can’t believe hot gorgeous she is as I’ve never seen her out of the Elivira persona! Love her and I am just curious what the future holds for Elivira or if she has any other characters up her sleeve!

  25. Carl says:

    Speaking of Knotts, Is there any chance you can release DVDs of your live shows !?!!?

  26. Bruce Kelley says:

    I so much just want to have my picture taken with you
    for bragging rights to my buds
    Well of course i want so much more but I know reality ! 😉
    If you come to Atlanta I most definitely want to meet you and
    have my picture taken with you
    You Rock My World !

  27. Dwayne says:

    When I showed my friends pictures of us at the horror convention in Indianapolis, they all asked if it was really you. Then they said you must have had a lot of work done. Have you had any cosmetic surgery or are you just lucky?

  28. moontan says:

    So happy that Elvira’s Movie Macabre is returning this Autumn. It’s the perfect time. Will their be any changes? Any surprises? Will Cheech Marin make an appearance?

    Lancaster, California
    Age: 47.

  29. Thanks everyone, we’ve finished the interview but we’d love to get Cassandra back on soon so keep the questions coming if you like.

  30. linda lessing engle says:

    Sorry I missed this. Haven’t seen you since the DC Animal Rights Conference in 1996 (or was it 97?) anyway. Are you active nowadays? Ric tells me he hasn’t seen you before then. We hope all is well.

  31. David Ferrara says:

    Hi Cassandra! My comment is that you come across in your interviews as being so intelligent, bright and down to earth. I love your sense of humor, and your comedic timing is wonderful! You are more beautiful in your natural state than Elvira ever was.

    I just wanted to say thanks for many years of laughs (and boyhood dreams!), I’m looking forward to your new work, and I wish you all the best!

    David in Minneapolis

  32. Redrocka says:

    No question, just gob smacked that you’re a natural red head! Yay ginger! (From one red head to another!) 😉


    Thanks for all your questions! Unfortunately we couldn’t get to them all, but we’ll hopefully get Cassandra/Elvira back in the fall to talk about her new TV show!

  34. Boomer says:

    I recently left the British Army on Medical Discharge (Nothing too serious) after 12 years great years. More recently did 3 tours of Iraq and 1 of Afghanistan, had your movies out there each time and despite the “dark” humour in your films. They (and you) kept a smile on my face throughout.
    Also have to say that loads of people ALWAYS wanted to borrow your films to watch out there as well.

    Your an icon and one of life’s beautiful people (Inside and out)

    Thank you

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