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FOF #2987 – Tom Goss is Living His Best Life

As we lead up to the milestone of our 3000th show, some of our favorite guests, who have been there for the long haul, like musician Tom Goss, are back to tell you just how awesome Feast of Fun is, and yes, they are correct.

Tom was a college wrestler who went ot the seminary in hopes of becoming a Catholic priest but then he came out, became a singer songwriter and eventually grew to be the loveable queer music icon he is today.

Today musician Tom Goss joins us to to look back on being a queer music pioneer, why he’s now creating music for the thrill of it, and how you just need 1000 dedicated fans to make it in this world.

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Bonus: I am the Drag Queen Elvira

Behind every diva, inevitably there’s a fabulous drag queen- today we’re talking to Christian Greenia, the man best known as Cassandra Fever, the number one in command to Elvira- Mistress of the Dark!

Join us as Cassandra Fever gives us the scoop on being the world’s best known Elvira impersonator, what’s up with all the drag queens in LA, and of course Elvira herself.

FOFA #2412 – 35 Years of Being Elvira

Don’t miss this boob-tacular special podcast, it’s a Hallo-scream! In this classic podcast from the archives, Cassandra Peterson, the ghoulish gal best known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark joins us to talk about the curse of her bouffant wig, her early years as a Las Vegas showgirl and her extraordinary circle of fabulous friends.
Originally posted on 10/28/2016.

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FOF #2414 – Being Elvira’s Elvira

Today we’re chatting with Elvira’s only official drag queen impersonator, Christian Greenia, who also runs much of the behind the scenes business of the Queen of Halloween.

Listen as we chat with Christian about performers whose characters took over their lives and forever blurred the lines between reality and fantasy. Like pro wrestlers and rock stars, Elvira, Pee Wee Herman and Andy Kaufman made a career by blurring the lines.

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FOFA #1216 – Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, All About Evil

Cassandra began her career as Las Vegas showgirl and later went on to being a horror movie hostess. As Elvira she is a Halloween icon and sex symbol for all things campy and spooky.

Listen to this classic podcast with the brilliant Cassandra Peterson about taking off her character for the directing drag queen Peaches Christ, the origins of her beloved character Elvira and her thoughts on the movie “Showgirls.”

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FOF #1673 – Halloween Royalty

Elvira’s #1 drag queen impersonator, Christian Greenia joins us to talk about this year’s hottest Halloween costumes, being Elvira’s #1 right hand queen and he shares with us the painful story of his father’s mysterious death.

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Wookie Head Tops Elvira Wig

As you may recall, Feast of Fun actioned off 1 of Elvira’s Wigs as a fund raiser for the show. I wish they could have had a chewier headpiece. The original Chewbacca mask used in […]

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FOF #1584 – Peaches Christ and Elvira’s Fantastic Hunt

Peaches Christ joins us to talk about her new project with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, the mainstreaming of horror films, and the star of her film All About Evil, Natasha Lyonne coming clean about her heroin addiction on the Rosie Show.

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VIDEO: How to Look Like Elvira

Ever wondered how to get that iconic Elvira look? Wait no further as Christian Greenia, Elvira’s makeup stylist, gives a step by step instruction on how to look like the Mistress of the Dark. Wait […]

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FOF #1442 – Jane Lynch Has a Hot Gay Agenda

As Sue Sylvester, the villain on Glee, Jane Lynch can sabotage a promising event that everyone’s looking forward to and reduce it to a cheap feel good moment where we learn the true meaning of whatever it is we are supposed to be learning.

But that’s not the Emmys- no one looks forward to it and no one learns anything except that Madmen and Modern Family rule.

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