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Facebook Commercial Features Empty Chairs

Facebook released it’s 1st commericial which is in a word, odd. 1) Apparently Clint Eastwood has set the trend with how to grab people’s attention because they went with the chair theme. 2) Like Clint […]

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Lindsay Lohan-25 Yrs in 60 Secs

After a show and bringing her up last week, I couldn’t resist posting this disturbing video of Lindsay Lohan’s face morphing while she grows up.

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Movie Theater Ninjas

The Prince Charles Cinema in London has created a volunteer program of “etiquette ninjas” that dress in black full body suits, hide out in the dark, and silence distruptive movie goers. In exchange, they get […]

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Wookie Head Tops Elvira Wig

As you may recall, Feast of Fun actioned off 1 of Elvira’s Wigs as a fund raiser for the show. I wish they could have had a chewier headpiece. The original Chewbacca mask used in […]

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Detroit to Get Zombie Invasion?

The answer for a major city with a failing economy, abandoneded buildings, and plenty of crime: Make it into a Zombie Invasion Theme Park. Mark Siwack has proposed a live-action zombie invasion “theme park” to […]

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Aids Quilt-Beautiful Sentiment

The Aids Quilt is being roated through the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washinton DC. If you didn’t see it this weekend, it will be up next weekend as well. This patch made my heart […]

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Angelina Jolie-Maleficent

Angelina Jolie will be serving evil sorceress realness in Disney’s live version of Sleeping Beauty which is expected March 2014. I hope to see this have some impact on the drag scene, because the horns are […]

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The Exorcist Stairs

Compared to The Exorcist: This freakishly steep & long set of steps can be found in Georgetown in the western part of Washington, D.C. And it is simply terrifying to picture yourself falling down […]

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DC Pride

Tonight concludes the week epic celebration of Pride in Washington DC. Being my 1st pride, I’ve noticed a couple of unique things specific to Capital Pride. 1st: Notice I said week. Seperate pride parties, performances, […]

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Ryan Burdick in DC

Feast of Fun listeners, I have moved to the most powerful city in America to be a summer intern, and am looking for great people to meet/things to do. If you’re in the DC Metro […]

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