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Okay, okay, you caught us…. pup Don and Buzz are secret members to the Order of Monks of the Mouse! » More

On FOF #671 – Follow up on Freakiness

Well another fun podcasting field trip! I was going to ask if you boys were fully dressed, toweled, or just out and out nekkid, but... » More

On FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

YAY FOR THE SAL-E!!! Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten is Alligator. I’ve tried Menudo and you can keep it! Ewwww.. Yeah, the IM Mags were hot,... » More

On FOF #670 – International Male

Excellent cast today boys! It was great to hear Throbbin and his adventures in the BDSM lifestyle! I was so excited, I posted about... » More

On FOF #655 – Up for Anything

Was it me or did Andy sound like Sal-E on the show today? Hmmmmm … Have a fun and safe Halloween y’all! Sit on a... » More

On FOF #639 – Let’s Hear it For the Boy