FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

Dec 20, 2007 · 1985 views

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Release the Pressure! In Spanish, it means “¡Saca la presion!” That sexy slogan comes from Steamworks, one of the largest gay bathouse chains in the world. You’ve heard it on our show from time to […]


  1. SAL-E says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t Believe that I over slept and missed the field tripto Steamworks. I am sure that I could of gotten in all sorts of Trouble down there………..Don’t Forget about my art show called “Getting into Face” Opening night is Friday January 18th 2008
    Photography by Bernard Colbert
    Collaborative works, featuring the living art of JOJO BABY and SAL-E
    YOU BETTER COME TO MY OPENING………and bring your recorder and your CAMERAS cuz you are doing a show!
    Love ya

  2. Buzz says:

    Well another fun podcasting field trip! I was going to ask if you boys were fully dressed, toweled, or just out and out nekkid, but the pictures would seem you stayed in your clothes the entire time (bummer!)…

    Sal, you need to get an alarm clock (or just have me next to you to zap you awake)….

    You boys have my vote (and comments) on the gay bloggies! Looks like a no-brainer for a surefire win to you Fausto as those other entries were just plain LAME!!!

    Okay, gotta get back to work….

    Your power-listener and kinky correspondent in S. Cal,
    – Buzz

  3. Clay says:

    You guys should totally post some old photos…. pre-podcast. Maybe from when you were kids too! hehe

  4. The visual of Fausto melting away in his sisters wedding dress in the giant whirlpool of steamworks is so awesome! I can only imagine the reactions of the people there lol. Great show and awesome pictures on the Flickr. I hope you win the GayBloggies Fausto I have been voting on every post since the start.

  5. Ugh, I agree I wish you had video of your performance Fausto what an awesome performative piece!

  6. Haven’t even listened to the show yet but just saw the pic and if Nirmalpal is providing customer service at Steamworks, I want some of it! Does he give Safe Sex demonstrations?

  7. For you, I’m sure he would.

  8. Maia says:

    “This is so cute! You could do puppet shows!” Ha! Quote of the day. Thanks for providing my one and only trip to Steamworks — I enjoyed the tour. Brings a whole new meaning to “The Feast of Fools PRESENTS…”

    Go, go, Fausto! Gay bloggies GOLD!

  9. That sounds fun. Man they need those for us “dykes” Or hell dress up like a guy and see. I’m curious.. lol

  10. and to add, “douching” more than like once every two weeks can be LETHAL. You NEED electrolytes and you can basically wash them out of your system and die. It’s rare as hell but it happens. Ask any doctor.

  11. PupDon says:

    I thought you said his name was “Normal Paul”. I was thinking, “Is there an abnormal Paul?” LOL!

    The mental picture of you dancing through Steamworks in your sister’s wedding dress while the waters strategically sprayed on your in your dance made me laugh so hard I had to stop what I was doing and even pause my iPod. I would love to have seen that.

  12. PupDon says:

    Oh, and I’m wondering if the video of the coach you were watching was from Randy Blue. That was one of our most popular videos. I smiled when you were talking about that.

  13. It’s funny the way the tags ended up on this entry in your blog. baths, condoms, douching, fausto…

    douching, fausto…

    I think I still have my old unicorn club card from when I was up there a really long time ago. I remember fondly the maze.. and that really big room, I guess where performers would come… or cum as the case may be. Good times…

  14. Jake Snow says:

    Wow! I loved today’s show guys! Great job. I”m so happy you made it even better by taking pics. I’m going to have to go visit Steamworks now and visit a glory hole. 🙂

  15. SAL-E says:

    I will give you the PRIVATE TOUR!
    I will even hold your …….Hand.
    I would LOVE TO.
    How Dare Fausto mess up my picnics that I have in there…….You are not supposed to tell them that you are bringing a picnic basket. You just do.
    And then we can have the Best Towel Hair contest.
    And then there is hide and seek and it.
    The Bathhouse games are endless.
    A gay mans play ground. Well, they will always tell you that they are not gay as they are sucking your………well you get the picture.
    Love ya

  16. ColJH says:

    While I’m working at one of my jobs, Cold Stone Creamery, I am by myself from 10-5. So I listen to FOF all day so I don’t feel so alone.

    Well today’s episode…haha…I think some old people overheard it coming from the backroom as the music in the lobby switched songs conveniently at the same exact time the ice cream machine turned off.

    They kept looking at me weird. Hahaha.

  17. Glad you guys enjoyed the field trip! We might be doing a live podcast from Steamworks in February as a way of going back to the roots of the Feast of Fools (our 10 year anniversary is in 2008!) Stay tuned…

  18. SAL-E says:

    I can already see the water show……….Can I pick my back up dancers?
    and I will be needing a new cap and this time I will not be using the Floatation devices aka the “Float-Tees” on my arms.
    Love ya

  19. never been to a bath house but i want to go one day, haven’t listened yet but will in the morning just wanted to post on my favorite podcast the feast of fools.

  20. Rick says:

    I really loved this episode. Chicago is very different then NYC. We have exactly 1 bath house here that I know of. It is clean but nothing like Steamworks. No public sex allowed, no orgy or sex rooms at all. If you want to have sex you must use a private room with the door closed. The staff insist on closing the doors of rooms with 2 people in them. No sauna, no steam, no whirlpool. Steamworks reminds me of the NYC bath houses of the 70’s and early 80’s. Club Baths and Man Country were my favorites. Dollar a dick night was very popular! Thanks for a great podcast.

  21. I never had sex in a public place yet (wanna help me out with that Nirmalpal?) But have walked the tourist route through one or two darkrooms. One experience was really funny: me and a friend ended up walking behind a waiter who was picking up glasses down there, shining with a flashlight in front of him. It was like some perverted Disney tour: ‘And here on our left, we have two guys giving eachother head and… oh, we appear to have startled them.’ The shamed look on the people who got caught in the lightbeam was priceless.

  22. Jonathan says:

    It is really too bad Sal-E couldn’t make it to the show, he would have added the dirty. Earlier this year I was feeling ugly, horny and alone, the perfect combonation for going to the bath house. So I took a few trips and really got my money’s worth. But this bath house was nothing like steam works. They have one CD that they play over and over every two hours. The showers do not get hot so there is a lot of shrinking. The maze is nothing more than five walls that go back and forth, no dead ends or anything. The steam room smells every and is small and the sauna is dark so you have to get up close before you can tell if the person across the room is actually a human.

    Worst thing that happened was some guy grabbed me, and started to feel around as I tried to fight him off. The guy was somewhat good looking and I would have probably had sex with him if he didn’t attack me.

  23. Leo says:

    Hey Fausto & Mark, I would like to thank you for the tour of Steam Works. Never been to a bath house, but your tour makes me want to come Chicago to tour the place. Oregon has a bath house I think, but what I am told it does not seem very good. You need to tell Steam Works you are a great advertiser for them. It sounds like a great place. Where is the Video for podcast? I was trying to follow through the pictures. But I do not think they were in the same order as the podcast was.

    As for Sal-E, Sal-E just needs to be spanked for not showing up. I know Sal-E would have added a new dimension of what goes on in a bath house.

  24. Lucifyr says:

    Wow, thanks for the tour guys… even though I’ve been there once or twice, you actually pointed out some things I evidently missed 🙂

    And you should have had Nirmalpal show you around in just a towel, for that authentic feel 😉

  25. Glad you liked it guys! Steamworks helps to make this podcast happen!

  26. Sorry for the late comment — I didn’t have a internet connection until now. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Never been to Steamworks since there isn’t one down in So. Cal., but compared to the few bath houses I’ve been to in So. Cal, it certainly seem like it’s a better establishment than most.

    Though about the health-related information available at Steamwoks… While I think it’s really great to have those information in flyers, pamphlets as well as from staff members, but I get the sense as if Steamworks *HAD TO* include all of those health-related information to keep the sex police away. Perhaps that is the case, perhaps it is not.

  27. bonscott2112 says:

    ineed fucked

  28. ismael says:

    i really enjoy the cleaningnes of steamworks, i think u need to promote latino nites, thought

  29. Nile says:

    How awesome a place! They need more of these! 🙂

  30. Trey says:

    I went there this weekend for the first! just wanted to say it was AMAZING!! it completely surpassed any expectations. Market Days was a great time to go! thanks for this indepth podcast! keep up the good work guys!

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