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i loved this guy. i loved his voice, i loved his laugh, i loved his stories. i would love to sit for hours and... » More

On FOF #688 – Gay Luck Club

wow, what an interesting interview. my first comment has to be how thankful i am that all three of you conducted this interview with utmost... » More

On FOF #690 – Shirley Phelps: An Unlikely Champion

honey’s, you’ve got your dates all mixed up. Saturday is the 5th but you had to have done your test late on Friday the 4th... » More


the Green Bay City Hall thing really burns me up. why can’t everyone just respect everyone’s religious celebration or lack thereof? i’m so sick... » More

On FOF #671 – Follow up on Freakiness

I really love this podcast, all of you are great and i love Sal-E. as if he wasn’t fun enough as is, now he’s opening... » More

On FOF #669 – Perpetual Indulgence