FOF #669 – Perpetual Indulgence

Dec 17, 2007 · 1985 views

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What is Sal-E getting himself into? Last time we hung out with our local Technicolor child of the night he was dishing out the goods for the good people of the world who manage to […]


  1. A note about the Gay Bloggies:

    Please don’t post any comments (good or bad) on the other competitors entries. Instead, post your comments about their entries in mine.

    As you may know, comments encourage traffic (and votes) to their entries and lower my chances of winning this competition. If I win the competition, Marc will sit on a cake dressed up as Santa Claus and we’ll party like it’s 1999. Which means we’re going to freak out, Y2K style (but in a totally good way) ok?

  2. Alright! I love Sal, can’t wait to hear the show.

  3. Good show ! It is always fun when Sal-E joins the show ! 🙂

    Well, i posted a comment on the other contestant`s entries. Next time I will not but Fausto have the most comments anyway and his fabolous,colourful entry catches the attention from any visitor of the site directly.

  4. Wow, All I have to say is wow. The video on gaybloggies is sooo entertaining. The show today, just wow, I mean really…very The Cell – esque/ Jeepers Creepers with the missing eyes. They really didn’t want anyone knowing what really happened-ed. As for Jesus’ foreskin…well, I borrowed that. WHAT? it was cold and I needed a hat..Jeeez-us… >:D

    As for the holy man losing his leg…well ’tis the season for giving isn’t it? Speaking of giving…did you hear yet that purchased a hand-written and hand-illustrated J.K. Rowling book for $4 million? I couldn’t believe it. Granted it was for charity, but still.

    Oh..and speaking of still butts, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s show from SteamWorkz. And I can’t wait until next pride, I’m planning on being up there for that week and I simply must drop by and have my photo taken…Hell, I’ll even sit on a cake for you in grand FOF style!

    Loved the show, I’m off to work now. Have a grand day!

  5. PupDon says:

    Oh Sal, now ya gone and did it. As if Paloma’s head wasn’t big enough. Now she’s gone all Diva on me. “Oh, did you hear Sal-E talk about me on Feast of Fools”, “Ooooh, do you think the boys will interview me?”, and “ooh, has Cher called yet.”

    I’m telling you, she’s outta control!!! And I’ll warn ya. I don’t know about your mannequin, but when I’m out of town Paloma has wild mannequin parties. I came back from IML and there were random body parts strewn around the apartments, empty cans of Lemon Pledge and rages all over the place (huffing will be the downfall of the mannequin community). What can I do, I can’t live with her, can’t live without her.

    Fausto, that karaoke video was priceless. Only you does a medley with costume changes. That was awesome. I love you.

    Excellent show guys.

  6. LOved the Show!! So Excited for Sal-E I had heard that a group of Men who went to MIR in chicago were wanted to form the Chicago Sisters!! Good luck as you start your mission!
    Sister Perkie
    LA House

  7. SAL-E says:

    I was one of the guys you are talking about……….Eddie was down here.
    Sorry, I over slept…………….I woke up a little past 4pm…….I missed my guided tour at Steamworks. I will never be the same!
    Love ya

  8. RcktMan says:

    Oh dear lord… my party was CA-RAZY! I had so much fun, though, and I’m so glad you guys were there! I SO want those pictures, Fausto. I will be bribing some boys… believe you me! I wonder if he burned his balls on that fondue. I had no idea it was so blazing hot. Oh well, thank goodness alcohol numbs the senses.

    Sal, I can’t wait to see the pics from your visit to Steamworks (Saca la presion!) Your Man’s Country visit was one of the very first FoF shows I ever heard. It’s still one of my favorites to this day. Ah, those were the days. 🙂

    As for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence…. I might consider that. It could be fun. I’d make a good nun. Hell, I have 12 years of Catholic School upbringing to draw upon. In fact, here’s a little story about my 8th grade teacher, Sister Albertona. She was an old Dominican nun. She wore full habit from head to toe, and it was white as snow except for her black veil. And she was older than dirt. Her breath smelled like bananas and peanut butter and rotten teeth, and her fingers were crooked and wrinkled. She would spout all kinds of fire and brimstone rhetoric our way, telling us how if we didn’t go to church, we would go straight to hell. The kids all called her “Stick Shift” because when she’d get angry at rowdy kids (mostly boys, but girls were prone to this, too), she would grab them by the hair and yank them back and forth, yelling, “You Must BEHAVE IN CLASS!” Needless to say, she retired shortly after my class graduated.

    So maybe I could be Sister Albertony or something… a Mafioso nun driving a stick shift car. That’d be HOT.

  9. I was told when I first joined that as a Sister we don’t want to be compared with Drag Queens because “they are mean” I was shocked by this comment because I have found Sal-E and Jo Jo, and Hedda Lettace and the many others on the show to be super cool people. I thought Sal-E was also so nice in person, he talked to me like a normal human never shoved me off as just a wanna be fan.

    I want to geton stage and lip sync and dance and have fun as a nun, I hope Sal-e can help break the mold that Drag Nuns don’t perform like that!!

    I am so excited for you!!! Will be waiting to hear more as your misson grows!
    Sister Perkie

  10. Cliff Dix says:

    WOW! Rick’s parties sound fun. Didn’t realize how wild he was when I meet him last Summer. I definitley want to go to one of your parties. I’ll drive all the way from Atlanta again. I’ll bet the blond guy pleading for Fausto to not take pictures of the guys chocolate covered balls because it “would ruin your life” must know from experience.
    Always love to hear the super sexy vocie of SAL-E. Looking forward to the Steamworks show.

  11. Ryan says:

    great show today guys always fun when sal-e is involved I’m glad to see matts picture on the website he’s a friend of mine and i’ve been hearing about the picture as well as seeing a preview so it was great to see you guys finally got it and posted a pic on the website keep up the good work and as always love listening to you guys so much

  12. Annie says:

    Loved the show as always!

  13. Joe P says:

    I can’t wait to hear the Steamworks show! Too bad Sal-E missed it.

    The karaoke video was fabulous. It was so fun and it made me smile. Thank you so much Fausto!

    OH! And I finally feel complete. I just got my Feast of Fools Digitally Delicious shirt in the mail. How cool! Thank you so much Marc and Fausto and signing the letter. Maybe I can someday sell your autograph on eBay!

  14. I try to avoid putting on mean drag queens on the show as a general rule. Thanks for the votes and comments guys! Keep it up. Can we get to 300?

  15. lis says:

    Hey guys! Glad to hear you liked the turrón. On my way to the office I snapped this pict of KM 0 at the center of Madrid for Sal-E:
    You are right Fausto it is a fucking awsome city and I’m not Spanish, I’m an ex-pat so I’m not biased, well, I guess I am because I have been here for 15 years and I love it. You guys come over and I’ll give you my personal tour of Madrid, it will be good I promise!

  16. Chrispy! says:

    I really love this podcast, all of you are great and i love Sal-E. as if he wasn’t fun enough as is, now he’s opening up a chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to help other folks AND he picked me for a goodie box/bag on this episode because i posted a comment on Fausto’s Gay Bloggy karoke entry. what i didn’t hear though was how to claim that prize. oh, i just wanted to say that I didn’t misspell my name Marc, it’s the name Chris with the “py” on the end. a nickname from many years ago. you read a comment of mine a couple of days before and pronounced it right then. anyway, tell me how i can claim my box/bag. thanks so much for all of your hard work Fausto & Marc, you do such a wonderful job. thanks for picking me Sal-E.

  17. Hey guys… let me know if you get to Barcelona!… I and my husband will love to show you around (a private tour guide in English or Spanish, you choose)… Please open up your agenda and fix a date! 🙂
    Let us know the date and we plan the party, right?

    I love every single person you interview on your show. Continue with the hard work!

    FELIX (from Barcelona, Spain)

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