FOF #688 – Gay Luck Club

Jan 23, 2008 · 1985 views

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Forget about debating weather or not Jesus was gay. We have a much better god for you to get on your knees for, the Chinese Taosit rabbit god Ta Yeh. According to legend, in 18th-century […]


  1. now points to argyle alley (damn you steven)… Thx for the show, Ernie was a blast

  2. I tried and it didn’t point anywhere

  3. Jamiexpup says:

    Great show guys, only a short comment I am afraid as I am reletively busy.. School and such… I always try and find time to listen to the podcasts asap and it always brightens up my day. It’s a real pity about Heath ledger, we are having a mini memorial with a few of my friends tomorrow. Well basically getting together to watch Brokeback… Good film… Anyway.. Thanks for the show.
    Love you all.
    James xxx

  4. Macalla says:

    I’ve never heard of this, ‘Gay Rabbit God’ either! But I do want to say this, I love my Century Eggs!

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    Ernie has a great infectious laugh. Enjoyed the show today and glad you guys are back. Big kiss to Steven Peterson for saving us all.

  6. Rhea says:

    Like Ernie, I too admit with glee and a weird sort of pride that my mother is a crazy Chinese woman. When I was a child, I had to listen to her crazy expressions, like: “You kids leave such a mess around the house, I wonder if it’s just easier to set the whole place on fire.” Or when I didn’t like what was for dinner: “Eat up. It’s better than poison.” And my favourite, when the pet dog was misbehaving: “Be good, Rambo, or I’ll stick you in the oven.” I guess some things are just better left untranslated.

    Oh Ernie, you’re like my new BFF!

  7. What are some of your websites you can’t live without?

  8. nccellist says:

    Great show guys!!! I frequently find the perspective of children raised by immigrant parents to be both colorful and hilarious. I had lots of asian friends as a kid since as Ernie alluded it’s almost a requirement to play an instrument if you’re chinese. Some of my friends spoke only English in the home, others only another language, and my best friend listened to her parents in Taiwanese but answered them in English. Fausto, growing up in PR how was your experience different? When did you learn English? Were both languages spoken in your home? You mentioned that the more you speak English the worse your Spanish gets…do you miss speaking Spanish or fear losing your fluency?

  9. I love(d) Ernie! And I love that you guys explore so many cultures. Very affirming and enlightening.

  10. Fishsauce says:

    Thanks so much for having Ernie on! One of the reasons that I take pride in sharing this podcast with my friends is its diversity. Kudos!

  11. I love Earnie’s voice. He has one of those Tay Zonday deceptive voices but without the creepy, a sexual, question dodging. 😉

  12. holim says:

    no one wants to mention ‘psychophrenia’?

  13. Chrispy says:

    i loved this guy. i loved his voice, i loved his laugh, i loved his stories. i would love to sit for hours and listen to him. please have him on again and again.

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