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great show today guys always fun when sal-e is involved I’m glad to see matts picture on the website he’s a friend of mine and i’ve... » More

On FOF #669 – Perpetual Indulgence

good show it was nice having Sal-E there again however it coulda been a little longer 🙂 keep up the good work guys » More

On FOF #616 – On the Stoop

I liked the show and it definatly seem to spark a ton of commentary so i guess that’s good Marc I giggled when you were discussing... » More

On FOF #615 – The Zine Scene

Another fine show gentlemen, Heklina you gave a great interview » More

On FOF #613 – Drag Divas

Okay, Now i feel dumb for posting twice because i thought it didn’t post the first time » More

On FOF #612 – Toilets of the Future