FOF #615 – The Zine Scene

Sep 21, 2007 · 1985 views

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No, we’re not talking about Marcus Couch’s fabulous indie music podcast, we’re talking about ZINES! Mini, short run, self-produced, filled-with-hypens, auteur based magazines. On today’s show were talking to local zine publisher and punk drummer […]


  1. bfranks says:

    wow! Dave is a very attractive guy! Between Justin and Dave, you guys have some delicious fellows in your neighborhood Fausto and Marc.

  2. Chad says:

    Thanks for getting me hard on the train Marc! You so need to create a podcast where you read porn. Ummm…

  3. pups says:

    I don’t live in (or even near) Marc and Fausto. It took about an hour to get home on bike.

  4. pups says:

    But I guess I should re-read that and just take the complament that you think I’m good looking..

  5. Dave,

    I want to thank you for taking the time to put your opinions on public display. I think it takes a lot of guts sometimes to state your opinion, especially when you know those around you disagree with you. It also takes some gall to be able to bring the criticism of someones art directly to them. koodos!

    I think I have to disagree with you in a few instances, namely the weight issue. I think it is important to encourage healthy weight loss, as it is a fact that a healthy weight range will prolong your life. I’m not referring to be skinny, as that can be unhealthy as well, but being large is usually dangerous to yourself. I will support people to be who they want to be, but I will always support someone that wants to lose weight to get to a healty weight range.

    I think that it is interesting as well that you can say words are words and speak to their fluidity and wanting to squash their hard definitions at the same time saying the show is not gay enough. I feel that show enjoys it sexuality and the cast speaks from their hearts. I don’t think that I’ve heard these people hold back in any situation, so I can’t agree with you there.

    I do agree with you on the burning the Koran issue. Seriously, why waste that kind of money on that? What has that accomplished? Did that solve any problems or creat any awareness for the issue at hand? Nope, because all the act reminds people of is how rich white people decide to spend their money.

    Overall, a good episode that highlights yet another perspective that is under-heard. Great job everyone!

  6. agreed Phi Tau! What I like most about the show is the variety of viewpoints and perspectives.

  7. We forgot to mention the Queer Zine Archive Project at
    It’s a place to find Queer Zines.

  8. Great show!!

    I would like to weigh in with my opinion on the weight isue.

    Maintaining a healthy weight requires a firm commitment and hard work. I say “healthy” from experience. At 40 years old and 60 pounds overweight my blood pressure, cholesterol were too high and I was officially type 2 diabetic. At 44 and 10 pounds overwieght, I am off most of my medication and my blood sugar levels are so good that the Doctors say if I didnt have a problem history they would not be worried about diabetes.

    It has been a tought road to get here. It has required a lifestyle change, and I have been lucky enough to get alot of support from family and friends.

    I think anyone who decides that they want to get themselves in better shape, be it loosing weight, quitting smoking, quitting a drug habbit or going back to school, deserve all the support they can get from everyone in their lives.

  9. PupDon says:

    I love the talk about homophobia in punk rock. When I was coming out I was really into punk music but had no idea where to find good homocore music. Pittsburgh was hardly the place with hardly no gay community (except for the very small gay pride parade and festival once a year). We did have one excellent all drag punk band called The Paul Lynde 451, and I loved to go see them perform.

    Now with the internet people can get exposure to all kinds of gay music.

    So, in regards to straight bands who have gay people mentioned in their songs, have you guys ever heard “I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual” by Sloppy Seconds. The first time I heard this song I was really shocked but if you actually read the lyrics it’s a damn good song and not homophobic at all. It begins with a sample from John Water’s Female Trouble with Aunt Ida telling Gator how she wishes he was gay and had a nice beautician boyfriend. One of the lyrics of the song states “I guess that it’s okay of other guys are gay but my hormones are one directional and I don’t want to be a homosexual”. One can actually argue that the song is about Gator and his pleas with his aunt to let him be who he is, a straight guy. The reason I bring it up is because when I play the song on my iPod, people immediately get offended without even knowing what the song is about. It’s amazing how quick we are to poo poo something because we fear a homophobic attack before we even give it a chance.

  10. Ay-men brother! I know from personal experience that being overweight, unhealthy eating habits can really mess you up. Our health and keeping the pounds off for Marc and me is something we struggle on a daily basis.

    We collectively have a long ways to go in terms of body issues and we would love to have a plus-size rights activist and a dietician or personal trainer on the show to further talk about such an important issue that impact us all in such an intimate way.

  11. PupDon says:

    I have to also comment on the use of codes to stand for expletives. I always thought that was silly. If you go so far as to say “the eff word”, then you’ve essentially just said “fuck”. Or when someone says “suck a duck” because they are trying to avoid saying “fuck”. Your intent is to get the meaning of that word across, and by saying a code for that word you are doing the same as saying the word, so why do we take it as being different? I think it’s just crazy. But then again, I think the fact that we have words that are socially unacceptable to say just gets in the way of communication anyway.

    And speaking of this, am I the only one who noticed that when Paris Hilton was being interviewed at the VMA’s, the interviewer told her to say hi to all her fans, so she turned around and shouted “Sup Niggas”. Was this the elephant in the room that nobody wanted to talk about or did nobody honestly notice?

  12. Matt says:

    Wow another great episode from the Feast of Fools home. Loved the fact that Dave was brave enough to bring his opinions right to the source! go Dave. I didn’t know what a Zine was till today! so I learned something today, and I can give all the credit to you guys! thanks. Oh and Fausto you can tell Beatriz that I think if she meets a great Jewish man from Israel that it could work. Although Spanish and Israeli cultures are very different, I dont think culture is really a factor in true love. I have a friend she is older then me, she’s 27 and the youngest of 3 brothers and sisters who are all about 6-7 years apart but her parents met in the 50’s after WW2. And the reason why their love relates to what you asked today Beatriz is that her mother is German and her Father is a Jewish man. Now you know there had to be some major tention between the two families when they told everyone. But they didin’t care because reguardless of the hate their two cultures had for one another they still married and are still married even today. So go for it Beatriz!! cause true love knows no boundries of any kind! This was yet another great show as always, keep working that gay fabulousness you two always do! I am already looking forward to tomorrows podcast! So till them! bye!

  13. Gary T says:

    A perfect way to end the week. A hottie (and smart too) like Dave, Marc laughing so hard he snorts, and Marc reading porn.

  14. I have to say that I went into this show expecting something really good and came out sort of disappointed. Dave struck me as a stubborn, misinformed person that refused to give up but hasn’t researched his topics.

    Losing weight to lessen health difficulties is a wonderful thing. I deeply respect people who are strong enough to follow through on this to improve their lives. But every extreme is a bad thing. Losing too much weight is unhealthy–so is being obese.

    There is an epidemic in this country. It has been proven by scientific research that obesity can cause a slew of life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, and has become a contributor in more illnesses and deaths than ever before.

    So for Dave to just keep saying ‘no’ when Mark and Fausto were trying to point this out to him was both rude and damning. He showed a personal tendency to argue and refuse to give up despite the fact that he is quite obviously in the wrong. I was immediately turned off to him and his caustic personality–I could barely listen to the rest of the show. I thought he was amusing, but extremely negative and making large issues out of little things. He continually contradicted himself, dogging Fausto about gender pronouns that, if missaid, were honest mistakes.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. I can’t say I wouldn’t listen if he was on the show again, but I sincerely hope he doesn’t come with such a negative attitude and hostile demeanor.

  15. Barbara says:

    Thank you Leslie. You said everything I wanted to say.

  16. What a wonderful comment turnout today!!! I am a very busy guy so I havent gotten around to listening yet, its on my to-do list for this weekend. Anyway just knew I had to comment because today is the 2 week mark of commening everyday.
    You know I love all the content you guys put out.
    Have a great weekend FOF!

  17. this is my comment BEFORE i listen to the show:

    damn, ZINES…yall should have called a sista…. i mean damn…

    i’d like to take a moment out to pimp the Philadelphia ZINE FEST happening in less than three weeks

    Do it!

  18. PupDon says:

    I have to agree with Fausto on the issue of gender titles. I have a lot of transgendered friends and have stood by a close friend through her transition, which at a time before the internet when information was really hard to come by was really difficult. So when I see a girl put on a pair of pants one day, or a guy put on some eyeliner and then suddenly declare that they are transgendered, it seems like such an insult to all of those who actually had to go through years of soul searching, research, and living life as the opposite gender. Now, on the other hand I like the idea of gender being fluid with people allowing themselves to be gender neutral if they so desire, I just don’t like someone using another person’s personal struggle as a means of getting attention.

    I think labels serve to make communication more convenient. If I had to walk down the street and go through a mental checklist with everyone I met I would go crazy. Oh, there’s Jim-who-likes-men-but-isn’t-gay and there’s Sally-who-had-one-lesbian-experience-in-college-but-dates-mostly-men-unless-she’s-really-horny, oh hey, and there’s Dan-who-likes-transexuals-and-sometimes-bears. It gets to be a bit much.

  19. Wesley says:

    Good morning starshine, pups!

    I’d say #615 was fine and dandy. See you in California!

  20. pups says:


    I’m glad people commented. And some liked what I had to say, some didn’t and now (here) is a nice (enough) place to discuss further.

    I want to also say, that after the show, we ended up talking for a few more hours about some of the show topics. I don’t have a bad word to say about Marc or Fausto. I didn’t intend or think the show would turn into (what we jokingly called) “Things Dave Hates About FoF..”

    I just think that the weight issue is a small part of a bigger problem, and fatness/fat/fat people get demonized because of their size. Whats more fucked up is our lives spent in cubicles, stuck in cars, trains, offices, at desks, totally removed from the natural aspects of our lives. For many people, work is the dominat force in life, and work calls the shots, and leads to people being lazy, tired, fustrated with the quality of their lives. We don’t have any relationship with the food we eat. I think thats more the problem then saying “people are fat and that leads to health problems..” Nobody cries over the years wasted cooped up indoors sitting in an office working, which I think is way way way more unhealthy. All these bad habits may lead to people being fat, but I think fatness is singled out and is an easy thing to focus on. There aren’t many positive images of fat people, of fat people being healthy, amazing, strong, non-dieting, sexy role models. Fat people are either shown in the context of loosing weight or being thought of as lazy or worthless, not deserving of respect.

    I’m all for people being healthy, we can all agree on that. But I think we’ve been lied to in many cases about what IS healthy or what a “healthy weight” even is, because I think those things are seperate issues. Being a certian weight doesn’t mean you’re healthy, we all know that. And just to say that I’m not a total Negative Nancy or hatefilled – there ARE some cases where weight is a problem, but I think (and said on the show ) 9 times out of 10 weight is just scapegoated and used to blame for all of ones problems. How many ads are on day-time televsion, targeting peoples insecurities, making shit tons of money off of shitty weight loss answers. It’s no wonder people are no neroutic, there is nonstop bombardment and pressure to loose weight, trim down, “get in shape” (get in who’s shape?), drop ten pounds, etc. How can you NOT be out-raged by this? That was my main gripe and problem I have. Not with weight loss itself, but with the obession over it, and how it’s so often mis-used as a fixall for any kind of problem. Physcial or emotioanl problem. This is my outrage.. Everyone has valid points about their experiance with weight loss and changing their lives for the healthier, but I still think that just “fat” is not the problem, but is a small part of a much larger, scarier, unhealthy problem with society.

    And I was joking when I said I didn’t think the show was “gay enough”, just as I think Beatriz was joking when she said the show was “too gay..”

    Although I wasn’t TRYING to piss anyone off, I was just stating what I felt, and will gladly listen to peoples comments, critiicms, questions, etc. I’d love it if Marc and Fausto had some fat-activists on to talk about what their doing and where they are coming from. I’m trying to be a good fat-ally slash fat activist, slash fat admirer.

    And if you ever want to have me back, just let me know. I had a great time talking with you both.


  21. pups says:

    ..and I still totally mean it when I say if anyone wants to hear some amazingly wonderful (fabulous) queer punk, get in touch. I’ll make mix tapes, burn cds, upload shit – whatever to share some music that is too good to not be shared. Same goes for any of my zines, or other queer craftyness that may exist.

  22. my comments AFTER listening to the show:

    well done, i did like most of what Dave had to say. as a plus size individual i did have an issue with the anti-fatness stuff from time to time (and i believe i did raise that issue in comments eons ago once or twice before, but no one was really listening to me). I mean i’m glad that FOF cast members have made strides to exercise and change their diets because that’s what they wanted to do. but why do you have to come down on people who aren’t actively trying to lose weight. sometimes when you make cracks about fat people and size issues, i feel a bit like you are making fun of me. maybe i’m sensitive but when it comes to sizism in the podcast, i am not feeling the love.

    and well hey i LOVE ZINES…i was so jazzed that you did do a show about them! when i started zinevox long ago, i wanted to introduce the podosphere to the zine world, both mediums are trying to accomplish the same thing! anyone with a longreach stapler or a microphone can say whatever they want to the world without needing mainstream print or digital media behind them! viva la revolucion…and shit.

    Dave sounds like a cool guy with interesting viewpoints, but then again i couldn’t help feeling like he’s a bit of a cookie cutter hipster…the trendy beer and the piercings and the “i hate ALMOST everything” smartass ‘tude as well as the Bukowski idolizing, eh…i’ll bet you that if he was in a hipster bar and i walked up to him gothed out as per my nightlife usual, he’d size me up and decide i wasnt cool enough to talk to. but again, it is good that Fausto and Mark opened themselves up to someone who isnt all in love with them and the show. it was very challenging and fun.

  23. pups says:

    Do you do a print zine? Is there stuff we can trade? I’m digging around your website now. Have you seen “” ? Zine podcasts.

    As for the comments about me, personally… Uh, ok? I don’t know. I tend to think if a plus size goth black girl came up to me at a bar, being dismissive would be the farthest thing from my mind. I dont think I’m too cool for anyone really. But if thats what came through to you from what I said, then – well thats that. And I just hate the things that pressure people to live vapid empty sad lives, making other people rich and happy. .. which, sadly, is almost everything.

  24. pups says:

    Is there something we can trade or is your zine/stuff only online? I’m about to click through your website – but I’d gladly mail you some of my zines if you’d like.

    I think that if a plus size goth black girl approached me in a bar or in any context, thinking “too cool” would be the last thing to cross my mind. I dont really think that the way I conduct myself is in that better than anyone context. But if thats what came through from hearing me talk about a few things, then thats that. Beer, piercings, bukowski, etc. And so its clear, I only hate the things that pressure people to live sad empty vapid lives, making other people rich and happy – which sadly is almost everything.

  25. pups says:

    I thought my last comment didnt go through but I guess it did! I tried to remember exactly what I said

  26. Dave,

    I’ve heard of, alan and the folks there are doing some amazing stuff. i am online friends with alex wrekk if i must name-drop and i just love her to death!

    i do have some print copies of my zines, childlike empress and the systris reader but due to my current living situation, they are in storage at a friend’s house and in my storage locker. if you want to i’ll send you my PO BOX address via email, lovetaco at gmail was it?

    as for the hipster barbs, i dunno…some of the references you made triggered my snarkybitch alarm, i guess i shouldnt have made those comments me-centric but i was just conveying the vibe i got from you.

  27. pups says:

    tacolove at gmail dot com or you can AIM to me at quitbeingajerk

    i know alex also, from a zine standpoint and an “oh yea i see you once a year in portland at the symposium” kind of way. have you ever attended that?

    it seems like these days if you want to insult or invalidate someone, you call them a ‘hipster’ and i think thats just sort of stupid. like in the 90s we called people “pousers” if they didnt get on the first wave of something. its all very dull and counter-productive. but whatever. i still llke charles bukowski, and a lot of other people too.

  28. Eric says:

    Good show guys. I liked Dave, and was intrigued by the Zines discussion, though maybe that was before my time. I agree with Dave that people have made loosing weight too much of a goal for some people; losing weight can be good for your health, but if your body was meant to be plus sized this social ideal can be very bad for people, as it reinforces impossible standards and lowers self esteem. I think that every discussion requires a bit of opinion and though Dave seemed to be more opinion than fact I still found his positions to be valid, if only needing a little more intellectual backing. His attitude rocks though, just fuck it indeed.

  29. matt says:

    didn’t dig him. he doesn’t have malapropisms technically, but for a high-and-mighty punk rocker, like they always are, dirty fucks, and if you wanna be lofty in your arguments, don’t say “biosexual” or “explicatives”… fuck-a-duck. or just fuck this kid. boo.

  30. Holy crap Marc!!! That was sooo hot. Why the hell did stuff like that not happen to me in school.

    Dave’s a hot guy! And so intelligent. I actually agree with Dave on two of his points. Weight is a pretty dumb thing to be worried about. If you’re fat, big deal… own it! I agreed with Fausto from the beginning; as an artist myself, I can confidently say that the burning of a $60 000 book, regardless of it’s content, is not art … it’s perversion (I’m willing to go into more detail on the issue if requested).

    However, in regards to the final point, I agree fully with Fausto. If were to just wake up one day and say “I’m a woman!” would that make me so? No. If you’re going to claim to be a man, but continue to appear as a woman, then you’re just kidding yourself and you’re making a mockery of those who struggle with their own gender issues. I’m sure someone will say, “What if they have gender issues and claiming to be a man while appearing as a woman is their way of dealing with it?” To that I say, If you are going to continue to allow yourself to be perceived as a woman while claiming to be a man, then you don’t have gender issues … you’ve got fucking logic issues.

    Also… Where’s my shirt damn it?

  31. ignore this post, I forgot to subscribe

  32. uhh… he was okay..i guess…he kinda annoyed me in some parts….

    and i really disagreed with his opinions about the fat issue, but everyone else has pretty much said what i would so yeah….but it was interesting to listen to. good show.

  33. pups says:

    Do you disagree with people have a strange obsession with being thin and loosing weight being a false fixall for any physcial of emotional problem? And that thinness is the standard glamourized body-type? And that health isnt a dichotomy (ie: healthy vs unhealthy) and peoples weight and health is a whole spectrum?

    Is that what you disagree with?

  34. matt says:

    Gay people tend to yen for beauty. It’s true for me and many others; ugly is just harder for gay men to tolerate. One thing the counter-culture, including the punk fucks, have in common with Fascists is nit-picking every nuance and tertiary interjection. Demonizing obesity is part of gay culture. Maybe you wouldn’t understand, since you’re “bio”.

    I’m more annoyed at fatties than I am at addicts on the street, if only because fatties block 2-way traffic, and smack-heads just sit there and stare. Both have addictions and “diseases” but one is all over the place and warrants “sympathy” from the rest of us — and perhaps THAT is what gay people are sick of. Enough of our energy is spent digesting life as gay people, do we have to smile and applaud the heroic obese in their tax-funded hoverounds and rascal scooters? Where’s MY scooter?

    If you don’t like the demonization, then opt to change the channel and find some nice fat rocker chicks to cruise with.

  35. pups says:

    That is probably the most offensive, fucked up thing I have ever read on the Internet EVER.. Demonizing obesity is part of gay culture? Who the fuck are you?

  36. You’ve got to be kidding me…

    First of all, demonizing obesity has nothing to do with gay culture. How dare you make that statement. Some of us are not bigoted assholes and actually have the common sense to realize that just because a person is fat doesn’t mean they are any less human. By saying that are you any better than the religious zealots that demonize homosexuality?

  37. Where’s your scooter… grow the fuck up.

  38. Now that I heard this episode, all of the lyrics to Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta” make complete sense, particularly the line, “I wanna publish zines and rage against machines.”

    David was not one of my more favorite guests, but he was mostly good.

    I also got very turned on by Marc’s reading of the pornography.

    I agree with Fausto on the fact that obesity is an epidemic in this country. I’m working on losing about 50-60 pounds right now, and I plan on working out to look and feel better than I currently do.

  39. I have to agree with matt, although I would go as far as to say that it’s not a universal trait. I’ve been turned down numerous times for “friendship only” online after a guy requested a photo of me or viewed my photo. It’s not all guys, just enough to make it aggravating.

  40. Matt, it’s good to know that you speak for all gay men, and that the representation you choose to portray is incredibly shallow, self-serving, and more than a little reminiscent of the prevailing image of gay men that plagues the media. It’s also good to know that you endorse anything that’s part of mainstream gay culture, whatever that means… because the “gay community” is certainly homogeneous, and always acts in its own best interest.

    I’m not sure how you got “fat people deserve sympathy” from this podcast. Conversely, I got the opposite message: fat people don’t deserve demonization or sympathy; rather, it makes more sense to just not give a shit about what other people are doing. There are plenty of things that are just as unhealthy that get absolutely no media attention. Furthermore, many weight-related issues are moreso tied to diet than to the physical state of being overweight, and there are plenty of thin people with diet-related issues… I’m not saying that there’s no correlation between being overweight and health problems, but often being overweight is a manifestation of other problems, and frankly it is nothing more than a gross generalization. If also seems like you have a very poor notion of what your tax dollars are actually being used for, but it’s kind of funny so I’ll let you go with it. You seem desperate for some kind of validation. Where’s your scooter? Why do you think you’re owed anything?

    I also don’t think Dave ever used “bio” inappropriately — “bio” is a shortened version of “biological,” in the sense that a biological male =/= a trans male. I’m not seeing the stupidity in that.

    Anyway, I’m sorry that most of your energy is spent digesting life as a gay person because that sounds like a truly horrific existence — certainly not very healthy. Maybe you should, like, work out or eat some vegetables or something.

  41. Xavi says:

    the trifecta of feast of fools…three amazing shows in a row (not that they are not all amazing).

    I loved dave’s comments about blogs, i couldn’t agree more. (read my blog….um, no). there are enough boring things in my life, why should i add more boring things?!

    the whole fat thing was interesting…i’m all about personal freedoms (bareback, smoke, drive a care without using a seatbelt, drive a motorcycle without a helmet, eat to the point of obesity, etc.), but not when it increases the cost of healthcare or taxes for everyone. If everyone who smokes, barebacks, drives a car without using a seatbelt, drives a motorcycle without a helmet, etc, signs a release saying “if my existing insurance or financial situation can’t cover the cost of my health care, then i’m on my own and don’t expect taxpayers to make up the difference”, then i’m all for all those actions.

    speaking of smoking…why is it that people who otherwise are horrified by littering don’t consider it littering when it is a cigarette butt? I’m not anti-smoking, i’m definitely anti-littering.

  42. Ryan says:

    I liked the show and it definatly seem to spark a ton of commentary so i guess that’s good Marc I giggled when you were discussing i check out the site daily and read like 20 different stories that are ongoing

  43. Good government shouldn’t be a-la-carte. You don’t get to pick and choose what’s good for the collective good when it suits you on an individual basis.

    If you start penalizing people for self-destructive behavior, where do you draw the line? If someone breaks their foot when the go mountain climbing, or gets a hernia from lifting weights, do you ask them to pay for it since the behavior carried with it some type of risks? What about an unwanted pregnancy?

    So lets look at hi-risk behavior. Maybe the reason people do it is because they feel depressed, isolated or suffer from some type of mental illness that isn’t being detected. Maybe they are just selfish jerks. Maybe they just don’t know any better.

    Who knows how people’s lives, hearts and minds can change? Should you throw someone out in the cold because you decided they were selfish today? There are really only two types of health care plans: ones that take care of everyone, and those that take care of no one. What we have now is one that pretends to cover some and not others, but in the end we all pay the price.

    The human costs of not having universal health care in the United States is a terrible tragedy. If everyone had access to good medical preventative care, and if doctors were rewarded by keeping patients healthy, then we wouldn’t even be contemplating this.

    I don’t see this much discussion going on over other government programs that are way more indulgent and wasteful, such as the War in Iraq.

    Barebackers with HIV, Smokers with lung cancer, anorexics with heart trouble and overeaters with diabetes all get full health care coverage in most Western nations. They should as well here because they are you brother and your sister and deserve better.

  44. It’s kind of sad how a positive comment like “weight doesn’t matter” get’s turned into “weight doesn’t matter as long as I don’t have to pay for their health problems.”

    I agree with Fausto in the sense that health care is (or should be) a universal thing. That being the case I understand where others feel that if a person chooses to engage in high risk behaviours then their medical bills shouldn’t be paid for out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

    Two thoughts come to mind here; are they not taxpayer’s too? A smoker pays tax on his cigarettes. An overeater pays tax on his food. True, it can’t be said of barebackers or anorexics, but in essence they pay taxes on other things. The money used to pay the medical bills comes from the taxes that everyone pays. If you want to stop someone from receiving universal medical care, why not start with the tax evaders?

    In addition, perhaps those who do engage in high risk behaviours and suffer as a result should be required to seek counselling upon receiving medical attention for their problem? Even that would be difficult for the same reason that Fausto pointed out. It’s either Universal health care for all or no health care for any.

  45. Dave says:

    Lisa, you said it all! I agree with your statments 100%.
    Brava, sweetie! Brava!

  46. You are cute brain fork- you can be my canadian doctor anytime! Will you make for us a cake sitting video? Pretty please?

  47. lol! I would make a cake sitting video if it wasn’t such a waste of good cake.

  48. I suppose that is true … I’ll think about it.

  49. Xavi says:

    Once again, excellent show followed by excellent discussion!!

    Make no mistake, i’m 100% for universal health care and prepared to pay for it through increased taxes (I think i’m the only one among my friends, even in ultra liberal San Francisco, who is willing to give up my mortgage interest deduction to pay for health care).

    I am not interested in universal health care then have someone who chose not to wear a helmet (or seat belt, or smoke, or bareback, or mountain climb, or snow board, etc) get in an accident (get cancer, seroconvert, break a bone, etc) and get turned away. With universal health care we can focus on prevention, which in the end lowers the cost and improves health care for everyone. Yikes…maybe i’m naive. en todo caso (in any case), I’m ready to start paying for universal health care!

    related but separate, it bothers me that taxes on cigarettes don’t go 100% to health care and health education.

    ps i’ll eat the cake.

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