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Michael Moore vs Westboro Baptist Church

Is there room for one more anti-Phelps vid?  This is a few years old, but it’s the first time I’ve watched it.  Despite all criticisms, I’m still a fan of Michael Moore…and I love the […]

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Westboro Baptist Church Family Disowns Daughter — 20/20

YouTube These people are psychotic.

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Nate Phelps: The Anti-Phelps Sibling

I found this interview on the Q TV Youtube channel.  “Q” is a cool radio programme on CBC.  They video record some of ther interviews and post them on Youtube. I had no idea who Nate […]

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I found this on  For the most part it is a very positive and informative discussion on what it means to be transgendered. The word transgender is a recent addition to English. In conversational […]

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Stand Up! – Don’t Stand for Homophobic Bullying

Irish anti homophobic bullying advertisement, created as part of BeLonG To

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The Vagina Song

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The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World

Hey Fausto and Mark, I would love if you could trrack this author down for an interview.  This book not only explains why it is so hard for gay men to have lasting relationships with […]

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Sinead’s Hand

A friend just sent me this — I’m not sure if it has been posted here yet.

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