Dictonary.com Tackles ”Transgender”

May 14, 2011 · 1985 views

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I found this on Dictionary.com.  For the most part it is a very positive and informative discussion on what it means to be transgendered. The word transgender is a recent addition to English. In conversational […]


  1. dinodude says:

    Sorry, I should have checked my spelling before posting this.

  2. Lovely! I had no idea there were drag jokes in Shakespeare, only that sitting through most stagings is a real drag.

  3. dinodude says:

    Thanks Marc. It looks great — excellent work.

  4. dinodude says:

    …except “dictionary” is still incorrect. Cheers.

  5. dinodude says:

    A good production fo Shakespeare will ham-up the drag in the comedies. As a young student, I saw quite a few excellent productions at Stratford (southern Ontario) and at the Young People’s Theatre in Toronto.

    One of the comments suggest that “drag” is a theatrical annotation for “dressed as a girl”. I suspect this is a cleaver contrivance, as drag appears in Polari meaning “clothes”. Bona drag = your best clothes. Although, I have not idea how “drag” made its way into Polari.

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