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hi guys! i haven’t finished listening to the show yet, but i just adore “bette davis stamps.” well done! xoxo, ~gabe » More

On FOF #839 – Bette Davis Stamps

have yet to listen to the show, but i have a feeling (already) that i’m siding politically with ms. tyler. 😉 » More

On FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

do guys still think that wearing a&f makes them “straight-acting/looking?” because wearing a&f screams “queen” to me even louder than throwing on a wig and an... » More

On Obama’s Abercrombie Boys

i respect and agree with reverend straight’s theory on black jesus. i really don’t see it any different than catholicism’s virgen de guadalupe (our lady of... » More

On FOF #734 – Reverend Straight

i can also confirm that confetti eggs are very hispanic indeed. we didn\’t do it so much here in the states when i was a kid,... » More

On FOF #727 – Shake it Sister