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I actually didn’t think it was that bad….I think Marc and Fausto handled things well all things considered. As usual, geat work guys! » More

On FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

Great show as always…guy with the guitar=Jay Branan Have a great weekend boys! » More

On FOF #1047 – Set Your Status to Stun

The County with the pink underwear inmates is Maricopa County. The sheriff of Maricopa County (Phoenix Area) is Joe Arpaio and considers himself “the toughest... » More

On FOF #952 – How Green Was My Fountain

Congratulations Guys! I can’t wait to see what is to come! » More

On Say Hello to Feast of Fun

I have been to WI in a long time…sounds like a lot has changed…might have to visit my friends/family there in the near future… » More

On FOF #931 – Rendez-vous with Ramen Noodles