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Wow, a certain ‘fight or f*ck’ vibe there during the show, and going by the compatibility information given at the beginning of this show, plus... » More

On FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

I am coming to the party a bit late, but congratulations guys! Always a pleasure to have you in my ears and mind. Just signed a... » More

On FOF #1000 – Grand Slam Buffet

Uhmm Michael, not sure how to put this, but there are no men solliciting for sex in the Red Light District; they are online, organised into... » More

On FOF #986 – What’s Your Mamma Gonna Do For Work Now?

Had a weird moment when I turned on the KATG podcast right after listening to this show and was thinking ‘Hang on, which show did I... » More

On FOF #969 – Does Ben Lerman Need Tough Love?

I like masculine guys but have mixed feelings about the leather scene . I have only been a ‘tourist’ in the Amsterdam leather scene but that... » More

On FOF #964 – A Brief History of Leather