FOF #969 – Does Ben Lerman Need Tough Love?

Apr 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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Look out people! Ben Lerman’s ukulele is on fire. The New York based comedian just got back from a stint in Mexico and he’s here today in the home studio to play four brand new […]


  1. matt says:

    Ben Leherman is a riot. I love his ukulele talent and his writing skills.
    Ben Leherman should try scat music like scatman john mixing scat music with ukulele music.

  2. Blair in West HollyWeird says:

    In response to your question about the muscle that involves Kugle Exercises… yes men have it. In fact, if you practice it regularly every day, several times a day it will increase the intensity of your orgasms. I learned that in Massage School. How do you do Kugle exercises? Simple, ever been peeing and stopped your pea mid flow? That is the muscle you use for Kugle exercises. So just pretend you are stopping your pea flow and hold it for a count of ten, relax and do it again. Repeat for a minute to two minutes at a time for several times a day. You will notice the difference in your ogasms in a few days to a week. Remember, a little exercise goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

  3. ibox2000 says:

    Another talented and funny guest. I literally laughed out loud while listening at my office cubicle. More Ben more often.

  4. filpmire says:

    Hey Ben, Mary’s Attic was great! Jack and I loved the new songs. Too bad you couldn’t join us and Paul for burgers afterwards. Or are you just working on your celebrity shade?
    take care, P&J

  5. Saulo says:

    Ben!!! OMG! He is so funny! Its always lovely when he comes to the show. All the best for you Ben!
    And of course for the FOF as well!

  6. Ben Leherman really is a lot fo fun… his songs he preformed were so great xD

  7. Jon-paul says:

    Ben is always a great guest on your show. I love his unique sense of humor. You three have great chemistry. I found myself laughing out loud listening to the show on my commute home from work.

  8. CT says:

    Oh Ben, what can I say? I’m always swept away when he’s on. Too funny!

  9. Had a weird moment when I turned on the KATG podcast right after listening to this show and was thinking ‘Hang on, which show did I just click on?’ They also had Ben as a guest! He seems more at ease on the FOF though. Still, he’s a sweet and funny guy no matter where he pops up.

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