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So We All Want to Sleep With Our Parents!?

According to University of Illinois psychologist, Chris Fraley, the incest taboo is a socio-cultural adaption to suppress a biological urge.

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Inception Star Tom Hardy Slept With Men…

Pink News reports that Tom Hardy the  has slept with men when he was younger.

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Dr Who Goes to the Proms

Daleks and Cybermen on the Albert Hall stage for the Dr Who Prom.

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VIDEO: Football Darling?

Mitchell and Webb poke fun at football players.

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Let Your Mind Control Your World…

Truly amazing results from this brainwave sensor system. The video is a bit “techy” to start with but it shows the power of the idea. via Derren Brown

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The Ups and Downs of Social Networking

Facebook has announced that it now has 500m active users, just six years after it was launched. The site has become the poster child of social networking on the web. While some others have seen growth, […]

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Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind)

You need the subtitles but it’s funny…

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The Borg are Coming… Really

An Austrian amputee is the first in Europe to be fitted with a new-generation mind-controlled prosthetic limb that moves and feels like a real arm, receiving commands from the brain and sending input back.

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UK to Get Full Gay Marriage Rights

Britain has an unusual coalition of two political parties running the country. Although the prime minister is a conservative (the Tory Party), the much more liberal — and smaller — Liberal Democrats are an equal […]

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17 Shot Dead at Gay Party in Mexico

A party in the northern Mexican city of Torreón that was organized by a gay group on Facebook ended in a bloodbath early Sunday morning when gunmen opened fire, killing 17 men and women and […]

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