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VIDEO: KCRW Presents: k.d. lang

KCRW has some fabulous artists on their Wednesdays Become Eclectic program.  This time they’re offering some new material from k.d. lang’s latest album, Sing It Loud.

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Fausto and Marc on BloomingOUT

Fausto and Marc spoke with Helen and Josh on BloomingOUT about about the early days of podcasting, the many ‘unsung’ folks in the queer community and what motivates them to keep on going. Also on […]

Starfucker – Quality Time video and Reptilians album preview link

Discovered this video via Thought it might be something the FOF followers might like. This is the first I’m seeing/hearing of this group (maybe I’m just out of the loop). There is an album […]

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EVENT: ”It Gets Better” Project @ Center on Halsted in Chicago

For those of you who will be/can be in Chicago this Sunday and would like to be part of the “It Gets Better” YouTube project: Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010 Time: 15-minute sessions between 1:00 […]

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On VIDEO: The Many Faces of Daphne Dumont

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