FOF #1353 – How to Be a Glamorous Drag Queen

Apr 1, 2011 · 1985 views

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Hi there everyone, in case you just stumbled upon this podcast, and are now looking at the photo of the two of us wondering “just who are these two beautiful, glamorous mysterious women?”

This is not the Feast of Fun, it’s the Glamour Diva Power Hour Experience, Extravaganza, with Saltina Obama Bouvier and Daphne Dumount! Get ready for a wild ride.


  1. Is it an April Fool’s joke that you are teasing me with drag by not allowing me to play the podcast and there is an ad with Trumps face on it asking “President Trump?”?

  2. Cesar says:

    Uhhm wheres the podcast?, this aint funny

  3. Dag says:

    Happy Birthday Fausto! xoxox’s

  4. David Butler says:

    April Fools joke? I sure hope not. How am I supposed to get through today without FoF?

  5. Sorry about that folks. The show is up.

  6. MaxT says:

    LOL very funny… and cruel in the same time! The idea of Daphne and Saltina making the show is great though, you should do it, really.

  7. David Butler says:

    Here are my answers:
    1. Of
    2. Faustina
    3. Jackie Beat
    4. Tyra Sanchez
    5. Lady Bunny
    6. Probably not. I say no.
    7. Don’t know
    8. Lady Vera Parker
    9. 5
    10. Victoria Lamarr’s Makeup Tips
    11. Fausto
    12. Daphtina

  8. OzzieDan says:

    This is a FANTABULUS EPISODE – I hope we see and hear Saltina Obama Bouvier & Daphne Dumount.
    Was on the Floor with Laughter


  9. Calvin Foon says:

    Love it! Saltina and Daphne are hilarious!!! I hope both of them make another show in the near future. How about inviting Tracy, the suburban tranny, to come over next time and do a show together. That’ll be tons of fun, I’m sure…

  10. Congratulations on the 13th anniversary of the Feast of Fools/Feast of Fun! Saltina Obama Bouvier and Daphne Dumount are sooooo lovely! I think I’m in love with Daphne’s Southern accent…!!! And so chock-full of information!

  11. 1 of my favorite episodes of 2011! Great job!

  12. Paganblueboy says:

    Great show guys. Had a real laugh with it. Marc’s voice reminded me of his “Hal” one. Thought I would take a shot at the quiz so here are my answers
    1. of
    2. Faustina
    3. Teriyaki – Sorry to Teryaki if I got this wrong 🙂
    4. Tyra Sanchez
    5. RuPaul
    6. No
    7. Martiny and All about Evil
    8. Lady Vera Parker
    9. Twice
    10. No idea
    11. Marc
    12. Daphne

  13. Angela says:

    Ladies, I gotta tell you, maybe it’s the influence of this podcast, but my husband threw Saltina-caliber shade at me the other day, though he claims he didn’t mean to. He actually said, “You’re probably getting a better core workout doing pushups, cuz you’re lifting more weight than me.” Thankfully, I was laughing too hard to be offended! 😀

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