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i know he was kidding, but blaming homophobia on women is ridiculous. i think we all know that. but that statement plays into ridiculous narratives about... » More

On FOF #2070 – How to Get on Reality TV Without Really Trying

I’m listening to today’s show right now: so happy and excited to hear Tracy again! I’ve missed her a lot. This podcast and having Tracy back... » More

On FOF #2067 – Tracy Tyler is Back!

Great show, guys. Just a couple of thoughts from a college faculty member: Fausto is right that college is for learning how to think and problem solve.... » More

On FOF #2048 – Back to School

I really enjoyed this show. I like the self-reflective shows. I disagree that Marc and Fausto are fat phobic. I do think they try to focus... » More

On FOF #1850 – Body Wonderland

omg: hilarious! that boy scouts call had me laughing like crazy. an excess of socks? what does that even mean? awesome, guys. » More

On FOF #1732 – Paid to be a Bitch