FOF #2070 – How to Get on Reality TV Without Really Trying

Oct 23, 2014 · 1985 views

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The late pop artist Andy Warhol said that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Well that future is here, and thanks to YouTube, social media, podcasts and Reality TV, anyone can into the media spotlight.

Today the fabulous Ian Bernardo, who you might remember from such TV shows as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Millionaire Matchmaker joins us to share his secrets, and give us all the behind the scenes dirt on being a reality TV personality.


  1. Here’s Ian Bernardo taking a selfie with Faye Dunaway. I AM ONE OF YOUR FANS!

  2. agrimi01 says:

    OMG! This show is hilarious. I think everyone needs a friend like Ian in their lives. He is fun and full of life. I think I’ll go out and Google him (tee hee).

    You did it again, Marc and Fausto. Another great personality with something else to bring to the table. Thank you!!!

    I need to go out to iTunes and give you a + review:)

    Jim C – Minneapolis, MN

  3. agrimi01 says:

    Sorry…still listening…and responding…

    When Faye Dunaway portrayed Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest, she was shunned by Hollywood. Joan Crawford was considered a top Hollywood, much loved personality and was still highly regarded at the time. Many stars came out against Faye after the movie, which was wrong. Faye just accepted the part, a job. Her performance was actually brilliant, but the backlash made it pariah to Faye. She, to this day, considers it to have ruined her career. This is why she gets so upset when it’s brought up.

    Jim C-Minneapolis, MN

  4. Taylor Swift’s 8 seconds of white noise is about her breakup with John Cage. (joke stolen from Reddit)

  5. Juantana says:

    I actually think Ian looks kinda hot! great show, guys!

  6. Jonas says:

    just started listening and even Coco Peru is like “Ugh, huunney, that aaaccent!”

  7. Javier says:

    i know he was kidding, but blaming homophobia on women is ridiculous. i think we all know that. but that statement plays into ridiculous narratives about how women control men, narratives that have existed since at least the middle ages (thus their bodies have to be covered so as not to tempt men, for example). this kind of statement is also the reason why gay men are often accused of being misogynist, accusations that are not unfounded. research into masculinity actually shows that men are afraid that other men will think they’re gay, not women. men, especially in childhood and adolescence, police each other’s gender expression and sexuality. they want to be real men and try to emulate what they imagine that to be, which they get from parents, family, media, and school, etc. when boys and men diverge from what is considered to be very masculine, they are misgendered and made fun for their perceived homosexuality. we all have a role to play in homophobia, and putting it on women is, at best, shameful. again, i know the intent is to make people laugh, but i know that there are people, nice people, who will hear that women are to blame for homophobia as a joke and it will resonate with entrenched sexist ideas. sorry, i know too many women who have stood up against homophobia for me and other gay men when we couldn’t to let that statement pass.

    i guess ian really does provoke powerful reactions from people!

  8. Ian is a riot! Very entertaining show as always

  9. Rogerio says:

    I like Ian, he’s cute! Ah that long nose turns me on….. but I have a bf so I can just look and appreciate. He surely has a lot to say and I love his honesty!
    Good show!

  10. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys oh my goddess I loved Ian he seems like my kind of nice asshole. LOL
    No pun a lot of my friends are nice assholes.
    I liked that one about cental casting.
    I don’t watch TV because yes the world full of lots and lots of stupid people. I’d probably watch if Ian was on lol, I <3 brutal hobesty. LOL

  11. I LOVE YOU ALL! Well….Most of you. Mwaaaaaa xoxo Catherine Tramell

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