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But where did they put their credit cards? » More

On Hot Studs Shop Naked at Convenience Store

I love it when you speak Spanish – it sounds amazing. Impressive and wonderful ladies on the show today – I liked what Beatriz said about authority.... » More

On FOF #656 – ‘Ving Break

Excellent – just excellent. Where do you find such amazing guests?! This was really a treat! » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

Funny, interesting and very entertaining show – with a great and very cool guest again. I have to agree though that you should have dared to... » More

On FOF #655 – Up for Anything

Oh my God!!! I love the flowery decor on your plates 🙂 And Fausto – forget about losing weight! That little belly of yours is so... » More

On SHOW #16 – Spring Rolls