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I’ve listened to about 500 of your podcasts through the years… (started to listen to you guys since 48something) and all I can say is that... » More

On FOF #1000 – Grand Slam Buffet

oh man… Bobaloo cracked me up! Great work guys!!! Oh… and the new site is amazing… It has that spaceship bridge command interface look… somewhat… » More

On FOF #731 – Bear it Up

This show is an amazing one!!! Love the post mortem of the movies, love the drag insults, love everything really!! PS do you guys know that you... » More

On FOF #725 – Movies Every Gay Man Must See

Drew you are amazing!!! I love your contributions to the show!!! khop phun khap!!! I hope I got it right! » More

On FOF #638 – True Drew

Dang the youtube link didn’t come out… Here it is: » More

On FOF #627 – There’s a Fire in My Pants