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I think the variety of porn would of been a good idea to make sure Tosh’s experiment would be even handed instead of one style of... » More

On VIDEO: Tosh 2.0 Boner Challenge

I would first support two things to start off health care reform: Bringing health care insurance across state lines so you get competition. Other states only... » More

On FOF #1051 – Big Gay Wedding

If the wrong people get in power, our speech will be the hate speech like Russia. » More

On FOF #1048 – A Tale of Two Cities

On the show description you confused Dan Savage with Michael Savage. Dan Savage is the sex advice guy and Michael Savage is the dim bulb. » More

On FOF #1026 – The Farrah Fawcett of Bears

Ben Leherman is a riot. I love his ukulele talent and his writing skills. Ben Leherman should try scat music like scatman john mixing scat music with... » More

On FOF #969 – Does Ben Lerman Need Tough Love?