FOF #1026 – The Farrah Fawcett of Bears

Jul 21, 2009 · 1985 views

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Comedian Ben Lerman loves to play the ukulele. Ben might have accidentally become a bear sex symbol after hawking his show during Bear Week in the resort town of Provincetown, Massachusets.


  1. UPDATE: I just got an Facebook update that Ben is giving away “two for one” tickets if you buy online or say the code word “Facebook” at the door.

  2. Georgie says:

    Hey boys,
    I am a 19 year old straight femme from Australia.
    I have been listening to your show for 2 and a half years and find it ab fab.

    I am commenting to say thank you for comforting me the other night.
    I went to my first gay bar and got ditched by all my boy friends who went off chasing boys…
    I took the $70 taxi ride home cursing the giddy boys all the way……I got home and you boys reminded me how to appreciate humor and love.

    Thanks again. Love Georgie. xoxo

    PS. I would like to put in a request the old episode with you and Amanda writing ‘showgirls the musical’….”get the ice…”


  3. Marc and Fausto! I’m surprised you didn’t go here with Ben’s bear name: Bear-a Faucett.

    Ben is GREAT entertainment. I’ve enjoyed him on your show and Keith and The Girl.

  4. Homer says:

    This guy is HOT. Listening to the show now. The “Beat It” cover made me want to make a souffle (as the song is intended to do).

  5. Alfonzo says:

    I can totally relate to Ben with the Bear community thing. It’s kind of alluring in the sense that it’s a group where people are less likely to be repulsed by me, but I’ve also had the concern of when I go to bear bars they think I’m one of them. I may look like a bear, but I don’t identify as one.

    Ben pointed out why. Bears can be a little touchy-touchy, and that’s fine if you’re expecting it. I’m not. I don’t like people I don’t know touching me.

    The other thing about bear bars is that sometimes you can walk into one when it’s busy and you say excuse me, so that you can get by. Instead of moving out of the way, they tilt their had back, as thought they magically become waif-thin and you can pass by with them still standing in your way. Now, I do admit that I am a rather hefty girl, but if someone needs to get by, I move out of the way, giving them enought room to pass. I understand this isn’t always possible in a crowded bar.

    I will now step off my soapbox.

  6. Hey y’all – great show! still coming to DC for the March? Going to Nellie’s this Thursday to see Tom Goss, for all you DC peeps…come one, come all… and also guys, one small correction – it’s “vitiligo” (pronounced “vih-tih’LY-go”) that MJ *claimed he had…)

  7. Drake Patton says:

    After F.O.F. I tuned into Michael Savage tonight for a reaction and the woman who banned has resigned and called her ‘banning a mistake’. YIKES! She’s been replaced by a man in the Brown Govt.
    Let the old right-wing Jew bray on about ‘Faggots w/ AIDS should die’ ! He’ll hang himself w/ his own rope.
    Thanks F.O.F. for bring RockStar to my attention. Too much sugar anyway!
    You guys are the real RockSTAR!!

  8. matt says:

    On the show description you confused Dan Savage with Michael Savage. Dan Savage is the sex advice guy and Michael Savage is the dim bulb.

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