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Oh lawrdie, Eric is soo hot he can make a 12yr old bleed before her time! I think I went red just listening to his singing... » More

On FOF #705 – Eric Himan Resonates

When is Ari going to give us some Gold, and when I say gold I do mean a nekkid photoshoot. Good Times Guys, Good Times.. » More

On FOF #694 – Ari Gold Rush

OMG. You Don’t take a survey during the show! Those guys are RUDE.. but I died of laughter at the whole thing. The delay is really annoyink... » More

On FOF #678 – Gigi Calling

Effin Great show FOF! I loved the Starrbooty! Next you should get Taco Chick & Salsa Girl on the show! Too much and... » More

On FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious

For the love of sexy trousers! He has ruined those pants! Next time, take off the pants. For CHRIST SAKES, TAKE OFF THE PANTS! I’m just... » More

On SHOW #14 – Cake or Dare