FOF #694 – Ari Gold Rush

Jan 31, 2008 · 1985 views

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All systems are go! Pop musician Ari Gold joins us on todays show to “drop” his new album Transport Systems, a futuristic military themed album featuring some catchy riffs and sharp vocals set to a […]


  1. whoo hoo music! i like music. thanks for the show as always

  2. I wanted a doll like that too!!!!

  3. merboy says:

    Ari I love youuuuuuuuu!

  4. Rhea says:

    I loved the comment that Ari made about how living his life openly and honestly was a far greater reward than the extra millions of dollars he may or may not have gotten by staying in the closet.

    Another fantastic show, boys!

  5. Fructose Cornsyrup is back, babies! Great show guys. Thanks for always makin’ my day. 🙂 And Ari is such a talented young man! You learn about all sorts of cool people on this show.

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    Ari was hilarious in Starrbooty. It was great seeing RuPaul taking on Ari in the streets as hooker and pimp! I loved that Swept Away album back in the day and now I know why…Ari’s sweet voice slipping underneath Diana’s.
    Great show. I always love hearing you guys interview the proud and out celebrities that are making it easier for our young gays and baby dykes. Keep them coming.

  7. Joe P says:

    I always love you you introduce the audience to different artists. I haven’t heard of Ari before but I loved the songs you played so much I checked it out on iTunes and bought “Transport Systems” right away! We hear a lot of folky-type music, which I enjoy, but I also love dancy/pop/R&B music like that. It is such queer delicious! Thank you for having Ari on the show

  8. Superboy says:

    I also went and got Transport Systems too.

  9. Wesley says:

    Such a remarkable artist. ::Favorited::

  10. I love that you feature independent (& gay/gay friendly) artitsts as your bumper music. This show featuring Ari was great; please do more shows w/ these singers/songwriters. I’d really like to hear from Levi Kreis (hint hint).
    Ari’s music is great & I’m gonna buy that album Transport Systems. So please please have Ari back in the future especially if he plans to get naked 🙂
    Always a great show Mark & Fausto, keep up the good work.

  11. Tony says:

    When is Ari going to give us some Gold, and when I say gold I do mean a nekkid photoshoot.

    Good Times Guys, Good Times..

  12. Mikey Dee says:

    ari’s music is okay….i would like to hear it a the club i go to…hes not bad looking either….i like how hes not one of those “gay..but no a gay musician” types…they piss me offf…you go ari gold!

  13. Justin says:

    great Show with Ari! I was introduced to Ari Gold on Logo when Wave of You as all the rage, but I haven’t had that channel for about a year and I didn’t know he had a new album out. Thanks for doing such a great interview with such a talented, handsome man. I followed the link and bought “Transport Systems” right after I listened to the interview. I love it so far!!!

  14. RcktMan says:

    I didn’t know Ari Gold from Justin Timberlake a year ago, but lately I have seen him all over the gay ‘rags. I thought he was really sweet and down to earth, maybe even a little shy (and nervous!). But he shared a lot of really great things about himself and how he views the importance of the music industry, and I have come to admire him more because of it. Plus I had no idea he was in the business as long as he’s been. I remember the “My Buddy” song like it was yesterday… we used to make fun of that song… hehe. 🙂 Sorry, Ari. 🙂

    Anyway, great show, another great interview, and I especially loved his Breakdown 2008 responses!

  15. I too went to iTunes and clicked away. It’s nice to hear a gay artist that isn’t some person in a constant state of gender flux strumming away on their acoustic guitar, droning on about social injustice. Sheesh, Joan Baez was enough.

  16. Jace says:

    Ari, if you want some, come get it baby! I have a thing for Jewish boys!

  17. Yagerma says:

    Am I a bad person for wanting to buy a “My Buddy” doll on EBay after that interview?

  18. Thom says:

    It’s funny, I felt a psychic connection the the Feast of Fools this week. For no reason, I have been ADDICTED to “Where the Music Takes You” all week long, and then I discovered that there was a show on Ari Gold! It was like you listended to my unspoken desire to get to know more about Ari Gold. What a fun show, with fun music!

    I *remember* those My Buddy commercials. I always thought that the kid (Ari, as it turns out) singing the song was so funny. “Wherever I go…HEEE GOES…” Ha! I like his voice a lot better now. 😉

  19. Great interview guys. I’ve been looking for the inevitable FoF-Ari interview for years, and you didn’t disappoint.
    I have to add that this was one of those episodes where did not want it to end.
    Forget My Buddy – I want a “My Ari” doll.

  20. Tallguy says:

    I just heard the interview. It was great. I liked Ari, he came across like a very nice and smart person. I will have to get the cd, the music was great.

  21. Patrick says:

    Great show Guys, I loved this interview with Ari, he is interesting to listen to as he is to look at. Hopefully he will return in a future show. I will certainly go to iTunes and check out the CD, through the FOF website of course!!!

  22. Hey Ari,

    Just wanted to make sure that you knew I was listening, even though this comment is very late! I really liked your previous album, and it was really nice to hear your interview…it really added some depth to what little I knew about you. It’s always great to learn more about the artist behind the music. Best wishes for a fab career.

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