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Well-put Patrick. Phelps and his ilk are maggots. However, they have a right to free speech. This latest bit – about the protests at soldier... » More

On ACLU: Why Fred Phelps’s Free Speech Rights Should Matter to Us All

I’ve seen Dead or Alive perform several times, under unusual circumstances. First was in Detroit, in 1987 or ’88. They played an “unannounced” show... » More

On FOF #1256 – Pete Burns It Up

Yes, it can. Like most things, a certain amount of moderation is sensible. The most obvious is: the more you exercise, the more you open yourself... » More

On Gymorexia: Fact of Fiction?

For some reason, the scene in Blue Velvet where she says, “Touch my neeeple, my neeeeple is hard” cracks me up. » More

On Five Unintentionally Ridiculous Movie Sex Scenes

Seriously? Wouldn’t opening up someone’s shorts and seeing that be more upsetting? Oh, wait, think of the children… » More

On British Woman Mad at Chocolate