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FOF #239 – A Sunny Day

Out of the many hilarious characters that local comedian Richard Knight, Jr. developed, probably the most memorable has been that of “Dick O’Day.” Donning a LOUD yellow suit and double eyeglasses (having two glasses helps […]

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FOF #237 – Thank You Coretta

Black history month begins this year on a sad note with the death of longtime civil rights champion for all, Coretta Scott King. Mrs. Coretta is considered by many as the “first lady” of the […]

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FOF #236 – Year of the Dawg

The Chinese Zodiac considers 2006 to be the year of the dog. Insert joke here. So naturally, Miss Ronnie and Marc begged and pleaded Fausto to go to the south side and represent at the […]

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FOF #234 – Pretty Girls Don’t Fart

Victoria Lamarr has been spending a lot of time at home lately recovering from her surgery. Victoria lives with not just any old HIV infection but with full blown AIDS. Even for Victoria Lamarr, who […]

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FOF #233 – Blues Singing Beauty

The gorgeous blues singing Katherine Davis joins us today to talk about her passion for the Blues, it’s healing qualities, and her love for music of all kinds. Here in Chicago, Katherine Davis’ name is […]

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FOF #232 – Blowback on Brokeback

The repugnant idea that President George W Bush might be gay went across our minds yesterday when we saw the video where he is asked by a college student at a local university wether he […]

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FOF #231 – Gay Slumber Party

It’s so much fun to invite your friends over, put on your prettiest, warmest, pajamas and play the game “Bananas in Pajamas.” Just kidding. About the Bananas in Pajamas, that is. On today’s special Martinicast […]

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FOF #230 – Oracle of the Internet

One of our cutest and most lovable stalkers (who has now become an intern) Jeri Blankenship sends us via email cute cartoon drawings of us as animals. You see, Jeri loves animals and she loves […]

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FOF #229 – Gay Celebrities and their Dirty Rags

Girlfriend! Clay Aiken is in for a world of hurt. It seems that a guy he met on the internet pulled a Linda Tripp on him, and not only taped conversations over the phone, but […]

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FOF #228 – When Pigs Glow

Lots of news about animals on today’s show. Pigs that glow, parrots that squeal, and horses that get their feelings hurt when they are told “you look gay.” Pictured on the right is probably one […]

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