FOF #536 – Ding Dong

May 16, 2007 · 1985 views

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It’s never a happy day when somebody dies, no matter how much pain they caused in this world. Even so, it’s hard to resist the urge to celebrate knowing that TV evangelist Jerry Falwell has […]


  1. Is it wrong to really, really, really want to see all these little people performers? I would totally have to sneak back stage to meet them!

  2. Avatar Cliff Dix says:

    “Pulp” was here in Atlanta at Actor’s Express in 2004. “Pulp” is a fun and funny show. Run and go see it. Actor’s Express is a great venue in Atlanta. Last season, they did “I Am My Own Wife”. Another great show.

  3. How about a Mini-Lady Bunny? Or a Mini-Wigstock?

  4. I would be there in a heart-beat! Are you kidding me, that could possibly be the most amazing thing ever… mmm, mini-Hedwig and the Angry
    inch(s) 😉

  5. Avatar Maia says:

    hmmm… mini-Hedwig and the angry centimeter?

    Check out this Flickr set of lesbian pulp covers —
    It leads off with Satan is a Lesbian. Uh oh — watch out, Jerry Falwell!

    (This has to be my favorite title.)

    It was fun to hear from Pat Kane on the show. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pulp. Hope we get a chance to see it during its run here. We saw the About Face youth theater project last summer, about homeless queer teens, and it was so good I was crying by the end. It was really powerful.

    I’m marking up a set of color proofs right now to send back to a printer in China… and I keep wondering how my comments about color correction are going to be translated into Chinese! I’m paranoid ever since that story about the couch in Canada… I’m hoping for “dyke pink”! Do you think that’s too much to ask for?

  6. Avatar Maia says:

    hmmm.. mini-Hedwig and the angry centimeter?

    (Does that sound like a children’s book? The Very Angry Centimeter … like the very hungry caterpillar…?)

  7. Avatar Chad says:

    I’m so there when the show comes to DC

  8. Write back to us Chad and tell us how it went, take some pics etc… Be sure to wear your FOF t-shirt!

  9. In the interview with Ann, did Greg really just say “All lesbians. No bones about it”? 🙂

  10. Oops, sorry, it was Pat! Love you guys!

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