FOF #565 – Sex Revolution (part 2)

Jul 10, 2007 · 1985 views

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Ever wonder why we name our show “Feast of Fools” or “Gay Fun Show”? Listen to today’s podcast and find out. Today we’re joined once again by the delightful Barbara Carrellas for Part 2 of […]


  1. Corey says:

    Great show! I found it very interesting!

  2. PupDon says:

    This show totally made my day. I work up feeling really crabby today and Barbara’s talk about silliness reminded me just how much I love and cherish the life I have. There have been times when I’ve felt ashamed of my silliness. Especially being part of the leather scene where there is so much pressure to stand around the bar and pose and look sexy. I always go in with this intent to be this hypermasculine leatherboy and within the first ten minutes it goes to hell because I run into friends and we end up just howling with laughter or singing or something goofy. I remember one time Buzz, me and a few other friends were at the bar and we started dancing to the music they were playing and people just glared at us. I said, “well, none of us is getting laid tonight” but we didn’t care, we were just having too much fun. Luckily my new bf is as goofy as I am and can appreciate the silly side as well as the sexual, and often mixing the two.

    And Marc, you are right that the leather community is very playful. I find the people who come to a leather bar just to get laid are often the ones who are so serious but the people I see at all the events and club meetings are usually the ones who are in on the joke. I mean, come on, I know how utterly ridiculous it is for me to run around on all fours barking like a dog. As much fun as it is and as much as I enjoy it, I know it’s completely crazy. That’s part of the fun of doing it. I saw a guy get mummified in plastic wrap once dressed as a clown (it was for a circus themed bdsm party) and I’ve seen the butchest leatherman you’ll ever meet get dressed up in a gold lame dress wig and makeup and call himself Bubbles Goldstein. Yes, at the heart of a true leatherman there is a great deal of silliness. And if there is any doubt, just look at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They are the epitome of leather, drag, silliness, queer identity and love.

    Thank you so much for this show and for the whole cosmos of Feast of Fools. And thank you Barbara Carrellas. What a wonderful person, I can’t wait to read your book.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I am ready for enlightment through hot sex. And great food And naps.

  4. PupDon, I just love your stories and outlook on life. You rock!

  5. Buzz says:


    Wow, what a great 2 part set! I, like pup D., just thought it was so great to hear about BDSM being on the road to trantra!

    See, sex isn’t always about having ‘the big O’. I can do a whole night of electro-play and/or rope bondage and get the same euphoric feelings had I had normal vanilla. *whoops, jus had me a keegle and a mico-o*. Pup D and I have had MANY instances of being ‘silly’ and, sure, glares hit from all side, but who the hell cared?! We sure didn’t as we were having the good time, not them. Sure, there’s a serious side to being in the Leather Community and I certainly can be serious when the need arises, but it’s more fun when you throw in a bit of unexpected playfulness…

    As for being in the Leather community… It rocks with silliness believe it or not! Pup D. can attest to one instance where yours truely was going thru a CBT class (I won’t go into too many details), but I ended up laughing so hard I call my Dom a “mother fu**#R!” and about died right there because I was in no situation to get away! To top it off, pup D and some others were right outside the door when I did that and they heard every word. Regardless, the Dom just raised an eyebrow, laughed back and said, “you wanna see how much a MF’r I can be?”. Next thing I knew, I had a Sonicare toothbrush somplace that wasn’t oral. Just know that bristles going at 90mph make a hell of a tickling machine in the right places!

    My Sir and I always like to play in public spaces as he enjoys putting a rope harness on me before we go out for dinner and then proceeds to have me lift my shirt in front of windows at restaraunts, usually getting applause from the females and glares from the men (with some jealous smirks)…

    Keep it up guys!
    Your power listener-

  6. Maia says:

    Barbara is delightful! What a wonderful, warm person. I thoroughly enjoyed this two-part series… Now, every time I go out to the garden to tend to the tomatoes and carrots, I will be sure to do it, um, consciously.

    I was cracking up at the end of the show, with Marc’s Scrabble tips! My mom’s side of the family are die-hard Scrabble players, and I can’t wait to whip out my quim during the next tournament. (Not literally; don’t want to give my grandmother a heart attack.)

    p.s. I hate to quibble, but the origin of Mayor Quimby’s name probably has more to do with geography than genitalia… Matt Groening named several of the Simpsons characters after streets in Portland, OR. Quimby Street is a few blocks north of Lovejoy…

  7. Chizems says:

    Barbara you are simply amazing! I can’t wait to go out and buy your book and try all the solo techniques (since I seem to be perpetually single). Oh and is it normal if I get an erection when I’m doing keigels? =)

  8. That’s good to know but I wonder if he knew what a quim was.

  9. Renata T. says:

    Great show! It was so helpfull in every sense! I liked it sooo much that I listed twice (both of them)

  10. Maia says:

    Springfield, IL lost out on the hometown premiere of the Simpsons movie. 🙁
    I think if Matt Groening knew about the quim double entendre, he would love it!

    But I don’t know if this guy would… whaddya think? 😉

  11. PupDon says:

    OMG, Buzz’s story just made me laugh out loud. He was in a hotel room playing with this mutual friend of ours and me and some of the other leatherboys were standing there with glasses up against the door so we could hear. When they finished we heard the doorknob move and we scattered like roaches. Ah, good times!

  12. corey says:

    These shows were great! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  13. Minion says:

    Hey, I love hearing about tantra. I have been interested in a gay side to tantra for a long time and it was nice to hear some one talking about it. INVITE HER BACK!

  14. seawall says:

    O hay, I was going to buy Barbara’s book sooner or later, but since it’s linked here I’ll do it now. Happy Glitter Day to me!

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