FOF #566 – Hard to Kill

Jul 11, 2007 · 1985 views

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Words are hard to kill. That being said, I applaud the NAACP this week for bringing up into our collective consciousness the “N-Word” by staging a mock funeral burying the word as a symbol of […]


  1. Rob says:

    Hey guys, I did not and would NEVER send Mz.Ronnie a used phazer gun !! I opened it slightly so I could test it. I really didn’t want to send
    her something that didn’t work. Be assured it’s brand new.

    Glad she likes it.

  2. Rob,
    new or used the fact that you thought enough of me
    warms my heart, thank you baby I took it to school
    and I stunned all the students that I didn’t like… it was really quite
    at school today.
    blessings baby, you get the best of my love

  3. PupDon says:

    This show struck a nerve with me because I’ve worked in retail, a hotel and the worst of all, a customer service call center. The last of those three was eight hours a day of people being nasty and vicious 90% of the time. But someone who had been there a while gave me the best nugget of wisdom I think I had ever received. They said, “the person on the other end who is yelling at you is not yelling at you as a person, they are yelling at you because they don’t have enough money to pay all of their bills, they’re daughter is dating a boy they don’t like, their son has been arrested for selling drugs and their husband or wife is cheating on them. You are a nameless, faceless place for them to vent their anger. Remove yourself as a person and their anger from the equation, deal with the issue and end the call”. That is the way to get through a tough day.

    Having said that, Miss Ronnie’s quote of “and when I’m done fetching would you like me to roll over” was classic and I agree that sometimes people just need to be put in their place. Why would anyone be rude to a server. I mean, the people I am nicest to in this world are the people who will be holding my plate of food in the next room where I can’t see them.

  4. Rob says:

    Too funny, thanks Miss Ronnie, I feel better now.

    Yeah, I know a few people around my job I would like to stun too !

  5. PupDon says:

    Oh, and I must say that I ate at Miss Ronnie’s restaurant and I have never seen a better server. She took a few moments when she could to hang out and chat, given the busy evening, but there was not a minute where she didn’t have her eye on the room and jumping up to help someone who needed something. And for one person to have to work a whole room like that, it can’t be easy. If I was looking to hire someone I would be lucky to have her on my team. And anyone to gives her shit, she would have my permission to read them out. I wouldn’t allow anyone to treat my staff with disrespect.

  6. Dear sweet baby lord thank you for the show today. Working as a waiter in high school and a bartender through college it showed me just how selfish and shallow people could be. I my opinion, the United States should make everyone between the ages of 18-25 serve in the service industry and maybe that would teach a bit of humility. Got me thinking, there have to be some awesome stories out there from those of us who have been in the service industry and I sure as hell would love to hear them.

  7. Bologna says:

    Great episode! Luv it when the divine Mz. R is on. Lots of Sassafrassion. BTW, bit of trivia: the Sassafras tree is a fragrant lemony tree, dioecious (i.e., with male and female flowers on separate trees), with blue-black fruits, and essential oils used to make painkillers and Ecstasy. That’s the natural analogy to what the FOF and Sassafrassion are all about.

    As for service, it’s totally different here in Italy. Clients do not expect fast service and respect that the service provider may have more important things to do. Sometimes it can get annoying if you’re in a rush, but I’ve learnt to work around it. As for the ‘N’ word, I hate it along with all other racial slurs. The NAACP should have buried all of them at once.

    I like the symbolism involved: just as easily as haters create these words we can erase them. It’s true though that the hatred and ignorance isn’t eradicated, but that’s the haters’ problem. Maybe that’s why we sometimes appropriate these words: to show that it reflects their insecurities not ours. As for Sicko, I’m dying to see it. One thing that I don’t miss about the States is the health “system”.

    The government puts taxpayers’ money to better use here for the average citizen, which means I don’t have to be in an emergency room to get treatment. Rob, I used to live in the Boston area. Pity the FOF wasn’t on then – would’ve been nice to have a Beantown FOFellians Club. Thanks again Fausto, Mark, and Mz. R for a great show!!!!!!!

  8. Maia says:

    Is it true that in Italy, if the server doesn’t bring you your check in a timely fashion, you are free to stand up and leave the restaurant without paying? That’s what an Italian friend told me, but I think he’s just being an asshole…

  9. bowdownza says:

    ronnie could I start a thread outside the show notes inspired by your waitress stories about bad entitled customers – please please please?????

  10. Aaron C. says:

    Great show folks! Good to hear Ms. Ronnie back safely from the coast. Mister Rogers was most definately from here in the city (Pittsburgh). He started here and actually SAVED PBS back in the day. His wife Joanne is still a figure around here…and a wonderful person. Very cool phaser! 🙂

  11. Wikipedia says he started in Canada, but I knew there was a huge Burgh connection. i want to come to Pittsburgh and see the current exhibit “Carryin’ On” at the Warhol Museum
    Anybody up for a road trip?

    you go on and start your thread, you know there was a time when I thought about starting
    a website that would list the names of people I waited on and tell how horrible they were
    but then I thought to myself that even that thought was just too much effort than they were worth.

  13. Corey says:

    I used to work in the service industry and know exactly what you mean. Because of that I always try to be polite to my server and always leave a good tip for good service!

  14. Bologna says:

    LOL. Thanks Fausto, Mark, Steven or whoever put that pic in my profile. Yes, Bologna is the hometown of that sausage; except here it’s called Mortadella. Another bit of trivia: Bolognaise sauce also comes from Bologna, except that the locals call it Ragu. Maia, even if your server takes all day to get you the check, there’s no way you can get out of paying. Your friend may be on some Mafia list somewhere. On the service thread, I think the solution to crappy customer behavior is an upfront service fee. Say 20% of the check. That way both parties know what to expect from each other and nobody has to jump thru loops just to get a miserable tip. I think that’s pretty much how it’s evolved all over the world except you know where.

  15. I put the photo because there wasn’t one in your profile! Be sure to fill out the rest sweetie 🙂 We DO really want to learn more about you, if not you, your alter ego.

    By the way Ronnie, it’s GREAT to see you posting comments on the site!

  16. Rochelle says:

    They already have a site for horror stories on the job, but i think thats anomous and letting the dillholes who are the problem get awat with it. then again, why give those people any power……And no one messes with Mr. Rogers. he’s my old school buddy. lol. much dorky love!

  17. Jon-paul says:

    Ronnie, I wished I bumped into you in San Francisco. This show was particularly good. You guys are so gooooood.

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