FOF #628 – Is Clay Gay?

Oct 12, 2007 · 1985 views

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Is Clay Aiken gay? Does it matter? We get this question all the time. Being the top rated gay podcast in the world makes people think you are privy to personal information on celebrities and […]


  1. This is from the National Enquirer-

    The following communication was sent out to our church staff and Executive Committee of the Board of Elders:

    On behalf of the Special Events Ministry and Executive Committee, I wish to convey to you the process followed in scheduling Clay Aiken for a concert in November. I know you will receive questions from those who hear/read the innuendo and rumors. Instead of accepting gossip as truth, the issue was researched and those involved arrived at these conclusions:

    *Clay was raised in a conservative Southern Baptist church in North Carolina , by his mother, where he sang in the church choir. He had no positive male role model in his life, enduring terrible relationships with a father and later, a step-father who were not Christ followers. (This fact was confirmed by Roger London speaking directly to a deacon in Aiken’s home church.)

    *Clay has always spoken openly about his Christian beliefs. He dozen’t drink, smoke, swear or womanize. He won’t sing about sex or even use lyrics with innuendo. During his Idol appearance in 2004, Aiken wore his WWJD bracelet each show.

    *His holiday CD includes several songs about Christ’s birth. During a tour for Disney, he sang an explicitly Christian song (“You Were There”) which references Abraham, David and Jesus. He was prepared to quit the tour if Disney pulled the song, but no objections were raised.

    *In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in July 2003, Aiken cleared stated that he is not gay. This fact was again confirmed in an interview with “Today’s Christian,” an internet website and service of Christianity Today, International.

    *He has added a Christian promoter to his staff in order to book concerts in churches.

    *In response to his critics that he should be purely a Christian artists, Aiken refers to his calling: “I grew up in a small Baptist church. Some of the most amazing people were part of my church family. It seemed however, that every time the church grew, it was [through transfer]. We almost never got new members who weren’t already going to church somewhere else! We were just trading sheep…I sort of feel the same way about Christian radio. I know all of the songs and all of the artists, and it ministers to me, because it helps me learn more about myself and my walk with God. But the people I know who aren’t Christians don’t listen to Christian radio stations. So, if I can put a secular love song on an album, and someone can interpret it in a way that makes them think of God’s love for them or the power of Jesus’ sacrifice, then I think I’ve fulfilled my purpose.”

    *Rumors persist that his mannerisms and ‘soft’ nature display a homosexual preference. But if appearance and voice alone determine sexual orientation, then Fred Rogers, (Mister Rogers) a conservative ordained Presbyterian minister must have been one as well. By the way, his 51 year marriage ended upon his death in 2003.

    *A man recently came forward to publicly claim he was physically involved with Aiken. The man later recanted of his accusation, and claimed that ‘Aiken haters’ encouraged him to scandalize the singer.
    Keep in mind this is an ‘outreach event.’ Many of Clay’s fans are Christians, however some may never darken the halls of a church but for this one event. Obvious with this outreach comes with a risk, but our goal is to seek the lost sheep, not assemble the sheep already in the pen.

    If any further ‘factual’ information becomes apparent in the coming months, the Executive Committee will address the data and review the situation.

  2. RcktMan says:

    So, at the end of the day (and the interview), have we answered the question, “Is Clay gay?” I say no. Only Clay can answer that question; although it seems to me that John Paulus has some pretty good insight as to which way he truly leans.

    I agree with Fausto that John and his fight with the “Claymates” has gone from just trying to defend his own honor to presenting the bigger picture: The exposure of the half-witted antics of the religious “right” and those who try to discredit anyone associated with being gay.

    In his initial interview with Feast of Fools, I thought John was a little sketchy and odd, but this time around, I think he was much more comfortable with you. He was actually quite funny at times.

    So is Clay gay? Personally, I don’t even care. If he wants to live in his fantasy world padded by the ‘protection’ of religion and his church– fine. But you and I know he’s gonna slip again and someone is going to try to spill the beans. The Claymates can’t back him up forever.

  3. An unedited email from a One of Clay’s fans:

    Hello, I just listened to John Paulus interview on podcast. I tried to keep an open mind but it was hard knowing what I know about the man. I am not a Claymate but am a fan of Clay Aiken. Now I admit that a certain number of his fan base are way over the top, but just as many are everyday law-abiding citizens and only want to listen to and be a regular fan and enjoy his talent.
    I’m left to wonder if you guys did not get the impression that JP lives eats and breathes anything to do with Clay Aiken. He is totally obsessed with him. I am of the opinion that they probably hooked up and because Clay didn’t call him back, Paulus has made it his life’s mission to destroy him in whatever way he can. He’s admitted recently to there being a ‘Fake Clay” that duped him and has been pretending to be Clay and has been IMing with him for several months. Not a mention of that on the show. He also most recently on his blog stated there was no towel with DNA on it, he made it up to make himself sound more credible. Of course he deleted saying all these things but several people have screencaps of everything ever said on his blog. All I ask is that you be fair and not encourage him further to ruin Clay’s life. If Clay is gay let him deal with it in his own way and come out when he feels its right for him. If you’ve seen him recently its so obvious that all these attacks on him by Paulus is taking a devastating toll. I can’t imagine that the gay community goes along with destroying an in the closet gay person just to get their jollies. JP is a sick man and he will never stop unless he feels nobody is paying any attention to him. He did indeed recant his story earlier this year and you can read it on several blogs. Determine for yourself if this is sarcasm, satire or the truth.
    For myself and many of Clay’s fans, we could care less if Clay is gay, as long as he’s happy we’ll always be proud of him. Maybe some day he’ll trust us enough to believe this.
    Please don’t publish this email, or at least not my address, thankyou.

  4. I’m in agreement with many of the comments and insights made on this show and on the thread; but, I found myself irritated and frutrated, as Fausto attempted to speak for John Paulus while Marc–thank you–tried to catch him in a lie. I’m left thinking, is John Paulus a victim of the media, a heroic “outer”, or a shameless opportunist? The only thing I can decide is that there is something entirely sketchy about this guy. John Paul, your quarter-turns have come to a very sad end — thanks for playing!

  5. Gary T says:

    I personally could care less if Clay is gay or not. Different people have different reasons for staying in the closet. The person who wrote in reminds me of a friend of mine in the 90’s who kept defending George Michaels from gay rumors. She would come up with all these conspiracy theories about why people were spreading the rumors. He dated super models therefore he must be straight… My only response was, lets wait and see. Usually gay rumors don’t just appear out of nowhere. There are no rumors about Bill Clinton being gay, Al Gore, George Bush… but there were rumors about Senator Larry Craig back in the 70’s & 80’s until at age 38 he married his wife and adopted his children. Usually there is something behind most rumors. Back when Liberace was around there were women who adored him and like this person is doing for Clay, they would defend Liberace’s heterosexuality. Barry Manilow is 64, has never married, and started his career playing piano in bath houses in NYC. My sister-in-law still believes Barry is straight. Some people are going to believe what they want, no matter what. If you like his music, buy it. If he’s gay, straight or asexual, I hope he finds happiness and is proud of who he is and the life that he leads.

  6. Again, as I stated in my comment from the last episode with John, the claymates need to be locked up.

  7. michael says:

    So has the DNA “evidence” ever been tested?

    I don’t think the story is that far-fetched, but it’s impossible to tell the truth given the current facts. All kinds of people make up stories about celebrities and of course Clay Aiken is not going to confirm anything.

    Isn’t it kind of odd for a presumably fairly wealthy celebrity to be looking for anonymous sex online?

    At the end of the day it’s a funny story but it’s hard to care much. I don’t find him attractive, nor do I like his music. I feel a bit sorry for that drag queen who can pass as him.

  8. Jon does seem to have an aire of sketchiness about him, but quarter-turns whether they are in search of fame or just to feel all the walls are great in my book. Don’t let the claymates get you down. I do think that Clay who is gay gay gay gay gay whether he fucks Paulus or not needs to stop hangin out with those crazy christians… be a real pop star dammit suck some cock do hard drugs!! buck up bitch and quit promoting hate guised as religion

  9. Jon-paul says:

    The podcast was more thought provoking to me, going beyond John Paulus and Clay. It just shows how much more progress needs to be made to move forward the rights of gay citizens to eventually be afforded the same opportunities as other citizens. I read in one of the local papers here in the San Francisco bay area, there was a story which stated that most gay people don’t identify with what is called the sterotypical gay community. This shows that our community is indeed diverse but I hope it does not lull us into such separate communities that we forget the overall issues that affects all of us. It is only in apathy and unnecessary compromise that we allow others to objectify as secondary humans who are expendable.

    What I appreciate most about Marc and Fausto and their podcast, is within all the humor, there lies at the very heart of the show, this clarion call to accept ourselves and be engaged. I was able to meet them for the first time in person at the Stud bar in San Francisco-along with Ronnie, Sal-E, Amanda and Steven. My partner, Gary, and I came away with the impression of how genuine and passionate the entire cast is and how dedicated they are to their audience. Fausto was so approachable and affectionate. Marc was concerned that everything was set up well for the show and we chatted a while with him. Marc, by the way, the banner was big enough for that mini stage. However, you should get a bigger one to use in case the venue is larger. Here I am instructing Marc about size…how ironic. Ronnie was beautiful! She gives great hugs. I would turn for her :-). I gained a lot of repsect for Sal-E. In person, his make up and costume was flawless! I loved talking to him. His humor is so honest. He has great legs beneath those stockings! Amanda, I just loved you. I will never forget being part of your Orgasm Choir. You are a beautiful conductor! Steven really worked hard during the show taking pictures. He was friendly and who does not like this web site he created? He has done a lot and I was so glad he was part of the show. I just feel lucky that I met all of you.

  10. Jon Paul, Well-said on all points! My apologies, if my previous comments were, if anything, overly critical of Mark and Fausto. Sometimes, and I should know this, it is all to eay post without thinking on the Internet. The SF Live Feast of Fools Podcast was truly a wonderful experience — that I’ll never forget. Marc and Fausto, originally, dare to go where no other mass-media directive has ever gone before, and they should be held in high-esteem, as such. (Stephen Peterson, to the contrary, was not a pleasant person, but yes, hard-working).

  11. You know Clay Aiken is one of my least favorite people in the world I guess you could call me a Clayhate….er. And really to me he is very odd, he’s sorta androgynous, oddly mannered, socially akward I’ve met him twice and both times he just rubbed me the wrong way, His sexuality is of really no consequence to me but it is cool to have an explanation as to why he handed me a shrimp tail and walked off and talked to the other openly gay reporter from my station.

  12. I’m still not buying John Paulus’ story.
    I also don’t care whether or not Clay is gay.
    There are much more important people and issues to pursue.
    This guy’s 15 minutes of fame have run out.

  13. holim says:

    playing piano in bath houses?

    why didnt anyone ever tell me there were pianos in bath houses! amazing.

    well, tra-la-la
    I’m off to steamworks to listen to the live music.

  14. MoocherX says:

    He should spend more effort covering up the fact he’s clearly Reba McIntyre’s love child.

  15. Steven says:

    Jon-Paul, thanks for the kind words! It was great meeting you and Gary too! RedSpazioM, I’m not sure what that comment means, but I’m going to send you a private message to find out.

  16. Okay – you know when you were a kid, and you’d go visit your grandma, and she’d tell you that she had Oreos?
    And then you’d race to the kitchen, rip open the cookie jar, and the aroma of an attic would hit you in the face? But you were still so hopeful and you popped one into your mouth anyways? And somehow the texture was off… they were a little soft, in a way that an Oreo is supposed to be, and they somehow had this musty taste of cob webs? And yet, you’d still eat maybe one or two more before giving up.


  17. Curtis says:

    Sorry to disappoint but there are no pianos or live music to be found at Steamworks. We do feature great live DJ sets on weekend nights and at our special events. There is a history of some old-school bathhouses having cabaret style entertainment, but I think most of those are gone these days. I’m sure there’s a couple still around though I couldn’t tell you where to find them.

  18. Still catching up on all the podcasts. . . .really enjoyed this one, not because I care one bit about Clay Aiken (honestly I’ve never even heard/seen him sing and have no desire to). What I really enjoyed was the way Fausto and Marc interviewed Jon Paulus and combined serious topics and questions on gay rights with outright utter silliness, switching tone minute to minute. My work colleagues were left wondering as I sat here looking alternately serious then breaking into grins & giggles. I adore Fausto’s impression of Rosie O’Donnell.

    And not sure where to say this, but Steven Peterson has done a fab job with the search function on this website. Especially helpful when trying to find older shows to leave comments!

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