FOF #754 – Work the Runway Steven

May 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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Steven Rosengard was the first Chicago based designer to be on Project Runway, the fabulous reality television show where contestants compete against each other to create the best clothes. Their designs are judged and one […]


  1. Superboy says:

    If Steven had been wearing a Feast of Fools t-shirt on the show like he’s doing here, he would have won the whole she-bang!

  2. Out of control. I say more alcohol for the guests.

  3. I plan on putting Steven on my stalking route when I visit Chicago. More so now that he has been on the FOF!

  4. RcktMan says:

    Holy Heidi Ho! This was a crazy crazy show! Steven is a riot. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rosengard at one of his many charity events this past weekend, and although we didn’t get to chat very long he is a really nice and funny guy, and his designs were absolutely spectactular.

    I concur, liquor makes a show that much more fun. It’s like watching Match Game in the 70s, when they would record a week’s worth of shows in one day and get progressively drunker and drunker as the week went on, which of course made the shows funnier and funnier as you approached Friday.

    And Steven is a dirty boy! I found myself blushing a few times… and I’m not exactly pure myself. I like that!

    Hopefully Steven will be back for a follow up in the very near future so we can keep track of how things are going with his career. Thanks for a great show, guys!

  5. Teddy says:

    Steven was one of my favorites on Project Runway. I had to cheer on the Chicago Boy. But what a fun show. But my god what a horny guy! Not that i’m complaining…

  6. funsizedsnacks says:

    I can’t get over how hot that guy is. He’s the one I had my one eye on this season. And then to learn that he’s a smoking top…oh, I think I’m in love…

  7. Thom says:

    Brilliant episode…and I totally had to go check out Steven’s site. Very nice!

  8. kennidi says:

    FUN SHOW! He’s cute but too much of a fag for me! LOL! ANd u know i love fags…Id go for Christian first….lol. TEASING! He was loads of fun nice to have his horny ass on show, too bad I wasn’t there!

    Much Love,


  9. Wesley says:

    What a silly show! Steven sounds like such fun!

  10. Steven is a barrel of laughs, and a really sweet guy. If you live in Chicago, be sure not to miss him hosting “Design for a Cure” on Thursday May 8.

    It’s a good place to meet hot, socially conscious gay guys!

  11. Gotta say — I love good sex jokes as much as the next, but (Jesus Christ, we get it already) I don’t know. This show turned me off. 馃檨

  12. Rhea says:

    Leather! Beads! Funk! How can you not love that blue jacket?! 馃檪

  13. That’s what I said Rhea. Although I think Steven secretly loved it.

    I saw him later staring at it the way a trans man looks at women’s lingerie. 馃槈

  14. Xavi says:

    hissssterical! Steven you’re very sexy..I’ll throw my manties your way any day!

  15. Robert says:

    Steven has one of those voices that is annoying and delightful at the same time.
    Fun podcast…..enjoyed it a lot but then again I have enjoyed ALL the podcasts since I started listening to the FoF five months ago.

  16. Chickengirl says:

    he was a lot of fun! and such a perv! ;p great show!

  17. This podcast was “pec-tacular”. He is a natural born comedian. Hope to hear him back on the show.

  18. PureeTofu says:

    I love when Fausto starts taking out the clothes….
    “mary had a little….”

    Never saw Project Runway but this was hilarious.

  19. DCRyan says:

    So I only finished this podcast today b/c I had a final yesterday but I have to say that Steven is by far one of my favorite guests that I have heard on FOF in the past 2 1/2 years. The chemistry was awsome btw y’all; I was laughing hysterically the whole time. It felt like I was at brunch with my best friends having a great time and drinking a lot.

    I have to say Steven reminded me of Patsy from AbFab a lot, his sense of humor mixed with the dry accent was FLAWLESS, and damn is he sexy as all heck….if only I didn’t have a boyfriend I would stalk him.

    Really, really great show guys.

  20. We love Steven too! Come back to the five and dime little sheba.

    But honestly, I thought my beaded jimi hendrix inspired jacked is fierce. I mean fabulous.

  21. Rhea says:

    To quote Christian Siriano: The jacket is ferosh. 馃檪

    Steven is how I imagine Stewie Griffin will end up eventually, when he tires of wanting to take over the world and becomes what he was meant to be– a faboo fashion maven with a wicked sense of humour who likes to feel up his interviewers.

  22. DCRyan says:

    OMG Rhea, you are so exactly on point with that analogy to Stewie

  23. DCRYAN, you shouldn’t wear sunglasses in pictures. Your eyes are too lovely to hide behind shades.

  24. Jonzu says:

    I LOVE Steven. That was a great show; i listened to it twice today! I recommended some Project Runway fans at work to listen to both his and Christian’s FOF interviews. What a great time 馃檪

  25. Guys named Steven with Dutch roots are generally fantastic of course – but this one was a pervy laugh riot. Especially combined with mentions of Amsterdam and Jeuropeans: I really liked this show. Wondering if he came through on his ‘what will you do after the show’ answer. Y’all had great chemistry.

  26. I liked Steven too, he was a funny, sweet guy!

  27. Mike J says:

    LOVED Steven! PLEASE have him back!! He’s so funny and such a flirt.. and seeexy too.

  28. Steven is a hoot, that’s for sure! I’d love to have him on anytime Mike.

  29. Rosi says:

    This was a really funny show! Steven’s so fresh, I love it!

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