FOF #759 – Poke In The Eye

May 13, 2008 · 1985 views

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If you’re ever attacked by a shark or giant beast, there really is one thing to do: poke it in the eye. This poor guy survived a shark attack which could have killed him. The […]


  1. matt says:

    Jennifer Anniston… totally mantastic.

  2. kennidi says:

    Cute show……I had fun with the boys at Mollywood! It was a fun show, and its nice to go with people and atleast we knew one show a peice! It sucked where we were setting I missed a few things but all and all it was fun! Go check it out!!!

    I being a fan of Sex and the City, I cant wait to go see it with my gfs! We are going to have a tranny Sex and the City!

    I love ftm and Joe is hott! The music was nice! Keep bringing awesome music to to the forefront boys! I love you!!!!

    Much Love,

  3. kennidi says:

    BTW my husband Marc looks like BIG!!!

  4. Get in line Kennidi! As Marc’s REAL husband, I wonder why trannies are always saying Marc is their husband?

    What are they attracted to? I guess it’s his rugged masculinity, and by masculine I mean he likes to drink beer and watch tv.

  5. Nice show ! I always love to hear about some odd news.

    I never thought Marc looks like Mr. Big. But I have to say he actually does, comparing those two pictures. He also obviously does look younger and cuter. The question is, is he also “bigger” than Mr. Big ? 馃槈

    Can`t wait to watch Sex and the City – the movie. I think all characters are on the same level, even though Sarah Jessica Parker always tries to attract all the attention.

  6. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has been intimate with Chris Noth AND Marc Felion who knows the answer to this mystery.

  7. Matty says:

    Only 3:36 in and already want to comment. I totally agree on the urinal thing. I asked my mom if we could get one and she said sure cause then we could glue the seat down on the toilet in the guest bath. lol

  8. Matty says:

    I love Molly, and Iron Man! they both are so awesome.

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