FOF #885 – Chock Full of Nuts

Nov 21, 2008 · 1985 views

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Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what’s on the other side? And why is the internet chock full of nuts? On today’s show we’ve got one of our power listeners, Dr. Thom […]


  1. DCRyan says:

    OMG, I was so happily surpised this morning when I saw Thom’s smiling face on my iPhone. Well I must say this show was quite entertaining and I loved hearing Thom’s voice.

    As far as introing Thom to the show, I thought I did but I guess I was wrong, ha, but Thom Ima put you on the spot and ask you why you didn’t turn me onto FOF then before I found out about the show? How could you deny the wondeful goodness of Marc and Fausto, Thom, how could you?

    Although Thom didn’t say it on the show, he was actually instrumental in my coming out experience. When I came to Yale (with blue hair mind you) I was a closeted baptist with quite a bit of angst. By coming out to and speaking with Thom, I was able to feel more comfortable, and was eventually able to come out. He did what Feast of Fools now does for all the closeted youngguns who listen to the show. Beyond that I think almost anyone GLBT person who went to Yale from 96 to 05 knew who Thom was; he touched the lives of many like myself through his humor and his heart.

    He is a truly amazing and unique person and I feel very lucky to have met him and to know him today. Yay, Thom!!

  2. Great show today. Loved Dr. Thom and hearing his views on Prop 8.
    I think to be fair, DC Ryan should come on the show and have a chance to defend himself. I think his thoughts and activism would make for a great show.

    Also, Marc & Fausto, do you have a Christmas wish list? I know Marc wants a flashlight and Fausto wants a lawn ornament. Good luck Marc, with the Cinemark Protest.

  3. We have much to thank to Thom and people like him, it’s these behind the scenes folks that make the world a much better place to live in, and be yourself. 🙂

  4. RcktMan says:

    Can’t wait to hear today’s show – Thom saw me at rehearsal last night and was so excited that he was on the show, and I was excited for him! He’s a great guy and I love him!! I’ll comment more after I listen tonight! 🙂 🙂

  5. Joel says:

    Hey Guys!

    Racism in Puerto Rico is present..BUT not as it was in the US in a past.. Mostly because most Puerto Ricans are mixed race in one way or another. Project #99 didn’t pass last year and the definition of marriage still remains the same as its always been.. meaning the words man and woman are not in the law.

    OMG the eyebrows are STILL in fashion… seriously I’ve been straight guys with eyesbrows as thin as a hair.. its creepy seriously.

    The outgoing Governor Anibal Acevedo Vilá signed that law just to give Fortuño a hard time and make him seem like a major homophobe…. Personally I’ve had the chance to talk to Fortuño once and even though the gay topic was not part of our discussion he didn’t seem like a bad guy at all.. he as good intentions for Puerto Rico and I for once put my country before my sexuality.

    But I do say this… Puerto Rico is not very homophobic.. sure the loca mass media might still use gay punchlines and use gays to make funny statements but deep down I’d say that people just don’t care where you put your dick.. even though it makes for great water cooler conversations! 😉

    And Mark… yes PR is mostly on welfare LOL sad!

  6. Dr. Thom says:

    Aw, Ryan! You’re so sweet! And, yes, I woulda done you, if only…I actually shared the blue hair story with Fausto and Marc last weekend. They thought it was a hoot. I also shared the Rupa-going-to-her-counselor-about-her-friend moment. But that’s for another day…

    And Rick, and Fausto thanks for your kind comments as well. It was a hoot to do. I’ll be looking forward to your comments after you hear the show, Rick!

    And thanks Marty Mouse! You’re right, Ryan should absolutely do a show at some point. He’s got a great sexy voice, and he’s got his finger on the pulse of the politics. Although he is full of lies…mwah DCRyan.

  7. So good to hear from you Joel! By the way he has a fabulous podcast for gay puertoricans, check it out:

    So far he has only ONE episode, so I hope it doesn’t become a podcast orphan (shows with only a single episode).

    And the show features some good looking Puertorican gay men! Hot!!!

  8. Joel says:

    Hey 😉 No it’;s not an orphan.. in a way sort of! We lost our recording space.. We used an office my brother loaned to us but he sold it! And we’re just making arrangements for a new space so its orphaned temporarily for reasons beyond my power but well be back before the end of the year. Count on that 🙂

  9. matt says:

    mf are so sassy this episode =)

  10. Does MF stand for Marc Felion or Marc and Fausto? 🙂

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