FOF #1019 – Out of the Internet and Into The Streets

Jul 8, 2009 · 1985 views

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Activist Nik Maciejewski from the Chicago chapter of Join the Impact talks about the upcoming National Equality March in Washington D.C. and reflects on Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Listen as we touch on the more moving and unusual highlights from the historic event, including how it temporarily brought down Twitter.


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  2. xizzy says:

    input your comment here….leave Adam Lambert alone.
    watch his ew interview.
    2:35 n 3:55

    he’s knows who he is n his responsibilities.
    You heard one quote n just keep repeating it.
    Your not a fan n you don’t know him.
    if you actually cared you’d look into it more than just one sentance.

    • How are we “picking” on Adam Lambert? We’re celebrating him on the podcast, saying he’s great because he’s bold, loud and proud at what he does. I love it! I certainly don’t want you to misunderstand me Xizzy! Adam is great and I’d LOVE to have him as a guest on the show.

      Although he might have said once that he considers himself a musician and not an activist, I disagree with him. He is an activist simply by being great at his job and being honest and open about himself. I’m really excited to see where his music career goes, and how the world changes.

      Was Michael Jackson an activist? Absolutely. He helped millions of Americans embrace a black musician at a time when MTV didn’t have any on the screen. Although Adam has to prove himself by putting out a hit now that he’s openly gay. I think he can do it and we’ll be cheering him on 110%.

      • Xizzy says:

        input your comment here…you have brought it up several times.
        from the Cindy lauper comment to the mocking voice on today’s show.
        if you watched the video or the whole interview he knows who he is n that he’s and inspiration.

        if you meant what you said you didn’t phrase it like that on any of the shows n definately had an attitude that suggested you had issue with him.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Commenting the old fashioned way from a real computer. Great show and guest. Thx for posting

  4. poof says:

    your city has a reputation for thug politics. Being that Obama became what he is there, what expectations do you think he has for gays to ‘push’ , How active are Chicago and Illinois citizens in politics.

    Also, recently a hate crimes bill passed the house. Obama was a constitutional scholar at the univeristy of chicago. Won’t this affect the 1st amendt? will it really protect the lgbt community?

    you should do a show on it!

  5. Alfonzo says:

    I was a younger kid, like Mark, in a big family. I totally understand what he meant about you learn a lot that the older kids don’t. You get to learn from their mistakes and you get them various people interact at different age levels. Maybe that’s what Smokey Robinson meant when he said that. Also, you sometimes find out it’s better to say nothing when you have nothing to say.

  6. Kieran says:

    Nice to see Marc’s brother on FOF

  7. Cleve was just featured in an article where he talks about about the March.

  8. Renata T. says:

    OMG! Paris crying was so sad. I also lost my father and I had to hold tight not to cry, or I just wouldn’t stop… ever!

  9. Mark C. says:

    Isn’t the March cancelled? I emailed last week and got no reply. On the Queerty Blog it said they were switching to a training program for activists.

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