FOF #1050 – Step Right Up

Sep 4, 2009 · 1985 views

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Brad Thomas, former ringmaster for the Ringling Brothers circus and Chicago public school teacher weighs in on Obama speaking to the nations kids and working for diversity and non-violence in schools.


  1. A few pictures of Brad and Fausto may appear at this link if you look hard enough:

    ; )

    Great show!


  2. Grrowl- hot photo gallery Jason, nice plug!

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  4. NIce to be introduced to such a smokin hot guest. I could listen to Brad read the phone book all day long…

  5. Doug says:

    It’s interesting you guys mention about lesbian singers. it’s a burning question in Brazil… why 99% of the Brazilian female singers are lesbians (and the left 1% is questionable and/or have been with woman) LOL

  6. Watusicat says:

    Brad was cute and charming and what a sexy voice! But I wanted to hear more circus stories, like those literary gems “Catchtrap” and “Water for Elephants”. (Actually, the only 2 good books I know of with a circus theme.)

  7. Matty says:

    Fun show, loved the guest. He can read me the ingredients to my foods any day! Its funny that you all mentioned the pledge of allegiance being done every morning in school. I went to a mid-western bible belt school for the later half of my academic career and not once did we ever say the pledge of allegiance. Weird, I know. You boys also mentioned teaching across age barriers. My school did that quite a bit. When I was in 8th grade I remember having class with guys up to their senior year in high school. It made class all the more sexy. 馃槈 And I myself as a senior in high school had the opportunity to teach music and drama to elementary school kids. Lets just say I groomed and taught some future gay men with my dramatic performances. lol Great show boys!

  8. futureteacher says:

    I just caught up with the podcast today and have to say I throughly enjoyed it!! I currently am attending college to obtain my teaching certification for elementary education. As an openly gay man, it has stressed me out thinking about all the barriers of being gay and working in the schools. It was inspirational for me to hear Brad talk about his experiences in the classroom and how he handled them. Upon graduating I plan to move to the Chicago and work in the schools there. Thank you Marc and Fausto for the great broadcast you bring so faithfully!!!

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