FOF #1179 – How to Succeed on Etsy without Really Trying

Apr 22, 2010 · 1985 views

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Arts and crafts, once the domain of housewives, gay men and tortured children, the art of making things is having a renaissance on the internet. Today we鈥檙e joined by Brian Kenny who makes glittery postcards with vintage images of hunks, pin-up gals, mugshots and circus freaks.

Listen as Kenny shares his stories on fighting with Christian nut-jobs on Etsy and the horrific craft atrocities on Regretsy.


  1. Great show. Great guest. It sounds like Kenny has some amazing and scandalous stories to tell. I hope he’s on again.

  2. Fun show today! I really like Kenny he has a great energy and certainly has some fun stories.

  3. Barrett says:

    Haha, thanks for the shout out to what I posted. I’m glad I could stir the pot a little for you. (I’ll reply to some of the comments when I have some extra time.)

    Also – Great guest! I’ve always wondered how exactly Etsy works. And Regretsy is hysterical!

  4. i thought that you have actually invited Brian Kenny the fotographer and graphic artist which is fucking sexy

    please do so!

  5. Cole Packer says:

    Great show today. Love Brian Kenny Cards. It was fun hearing the artist behind the cards and what makes him tick. Keep up the good job boys 馃檪

  6. Adam says:

    Hitler, Youtube and Fair Use? Fausto, I enjoyed the podcast with Kenny Stein … but that’s not new. I enjoy every podcast. I don’t understand everything about intellectual property law … not at all!

    But as a 3rd year law student, studying intellectual property law, I noticed a typical mistake. You mentioned that the Hitler youtube videos have been removed … and then confused two intellectual property concepts — derivative works (US copyright law “17 USC” does give the copyright holder the right to give or DENY permission to anyone for the making of derivative works) and the Fair Use of copyright works that are used for parody. You are right that one of the lawful purposes of copyright works that is Fair Use is the right to make a parody.

    But there is no right to make derivative work. A derivative work is an adaptation, like Run DMC’s re-doing of the Monkees’ song Mary Mary — worth a peak at the video for some retro-80’s drag/rap. (This part is solid law.) What’s the difference? If a derivative work is funny, how is it different than parody? It can be hard to tell. One of the differences may be what the focus of the humor or parody is … if the parody provides humorous commentary about the original work … that is parody. If the focus of the humor is something else … using a movie clip to comment on something other than the movie or using Mary Mary to comment on obnoxious, prudish protestors let’s say … that is more like a derivative work … and NOT Fair Use.

    I don’t know if this distinction is a well-settled matter of law. But I know that you care a lot about understanding the legal aspects of creative works, and the freedom of artists to create. I’m not trying to lecture anyone on intellectual property, but just to give direction if someone wants to research the topic further. Thanks for a fun show, yet again, Adam

    • Thanks for the feedback Adam, but aren’t the videos not just a derivative work, but also a parody on the film and that scene?

      You can argue the all the video maker’s interest in using the Hilter videos is to parody not just the actual Nazi dictator, but also the incredible film’s intense portrayal and the melodrama in the scene. They chose that scene because of its qualities and the humor comes from the juxtaposition of the funny subtitles.

      In my opinion, it’s legal to parody the film by creating new video using the existing clip and layering new subtitles. It’s not just a parody on the iPad, etc.. it’s also a parody on Hilter and the film.

  7. Komio says:

    LOVE THE SHOW ! but one thing i wanna ask is, what is the name of that site you guys mentioned on the show, laura diggs? , i can’t seem to find it 馃檨 i know i’m spelling it wrong.

    xoxo koko

  8. Here it is (NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Warning: creepy people, naked in very ugly apartments.)

  9. Just found out Brian Kenny passed away in October of 2010 from cancer. Rest in peace Kenny.

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