FOF #1185 – Gay Hands Across America

May 4, 2010 · 1985 views

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Since the National Equality March in October 2009, the gay rights movement is at a crossroads: we have the people, the money, and the will, but there is a raging debate on how best to proceed.

Today Nik Maciejewski, project coordinator for Equality Across America talks about how to keep the equality movement diverse and at the same time unified.


  1. Chickengirl says:

    i think one big issue in getting these laws passed and so forth is that there is not enough motivation in enough people to put on big demonstrations or really pressure politicians….it is happening of course..but its definately not on the same scale as the civil rights movement back in the far as demonstrating goes..uhhh sorta >_> i just think if you had people in the hundreds doings stuff all at the same time it would have more of an impact, whether its doing demonstrations or calling politicians and so forth.

  2. Oh come on, boys… do I need to take away your gay cards? How could you possibly forget the campy 80’s psychic comedy “Vibes” starring none other than our illustrious Cyndi Lauper?

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