FOF #1201 – Just for Laughs

Jun 4, 2010 · 1985 views

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Chicago is about to be invaded by an army of very funny people for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. To kick off the event, they’ve picked Cameron Esposito, who gonna get this party started, quickly.

Join us we talk about our adventures at IML (International Mister Leather Contest and Conference) and all the hot news including: Rue McClanahan’s death, the oil spill in the gulf, and strange ice cream flavors.


  1. Mama put on her day time lashes, mmhmm I’m gonna make you go! I’m happy your elbow is bendy again! And the Animal young kid with older man… that may have been the most shocking thing for me
    I think. Do they have sex? Or is it just the leading around thing? Learn me.

  2. heldnn says:

    speaking of lesbians,
    justice nominee Elana Kagan, supports restricting free speech, supporting Cass sunstein’s idea of forcing websites to pay taxes or fines for supporting ideas that are contrary to the official opinions of the federal governemt.

    Lately there have been talks of regulating any news posted on websites and ‘licensing’ journalists

    Feast of fun should be very interested in these calls for restricting free speech expecially since it has blog post and writers who would qualify for the site to be fined

  3. heldnn says:

    this michigan law will set a dangerous precedent and is part of the continual attack of internet free speech

  4. peter snead says:

    I love Cameron! She is such a great guest and a very funny lady.

    Speaking of funny – have you guys heard from Bill Cruz since his dad’s passing? I hope he is hanging in there. Big hug to him.

    I love the new like feature. You guys keep making this site better and better. It is amazing all you can do without a big sponsor.


    • We love having her.

      I have not heard from Bill in a while. Wonder what he’s up to?

      Glad you like the new features- we are constantly working on making it better. Hopefully the iPhone app will be out soon and then an app for other mobile phones. You have to start with one app and then work out from there.

      It sure would be nice to find some more sponsors to make the site even more kick ass and not have to worry so much about paying the bills.

      • Rob says:

        And hey, while i’m a little drunk, I’ll go ahead and tell you.. i miss tracy tyler. and you should have teriyaki on a little more.. and amanda.. wtf happened to them? lol… and Cameron, if you happen to read this, i love you!!!

        I’m just a poooor college student but i really look forward to making a donation to you guys… i reallly love ur podcast, and rest assured, i’ll get you back eventually

  5. Curtis says:

    Cloris Leachman’s one woman show was wonderful. She sang, reminisced, showed film clips, told us the behind the scenes dirt..well it was more like light dust as there was no sex and really no scandal. I’m so glad I went.

  6. Rob says:

    This show was really funny!! i love Cameron.. in fact, I don’t think you guys have done a single boring show with Cameron Esposito… You’re all hilarious and i love listening to you!!!

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