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BONUS: Cameron Esposito vs Killer Lesbot Terminators From The Future

Did you know that the terminator movies are very popular with Lesbians?

On today’s show America’s Lesbian Sweetheart, Cameron Esposito,is here to explain why our lavender sisters are fascinated with killer sexy robots from the future.

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FOF #2033 – Cameron Esposito Comes Back

For years Comedian Cameron Esposito was a regular on the podcast and even performed with us at a gay men’s bathhouse. Since then she’s moved to L.A. and done really well for herself.

Listen as we reconnect with America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Cameron Esposito about her Hollywood success, her working and romantic relationship with comedian Rhea Butcher and behind the scenes hijinks at Chelsea Lately.

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FOF #1622 – Bon Voyage Cameron Esposito

One of our all time popular guests is comedian Cameron Esposito, whom we affectionately call “American’s Lesbian Sweetheart.”

Today Cameron Esposito joins us to look back on her appearances on this podcast before she heads off to live in LA. Listen to find out how her beautiful brand of personalized comedy has influenced many people here in town.

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FOF #1451 – Side Mullet Nation Uprising

Comedian Cameron Esposito, loves her asymmetrical haircut, or as she calls it her “side mullet” – it’s not just fashion, but a symbol of how we’re all interconnected by being a little off kilter.

Join us as we chat with Cameron about her new show in NYC, invading Wall Street, and how Obama recognizes Lady Gaga as out supreme leader.

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FOF #1424 – Cameron Esposito is in Love with You

Oh the crazy things we do when we’re in love. Many people lament not being in a relationship, while others go insane feeling trapped by their loved ones.

Today the hilarious Cameron Esposito joins us to take a look at how the nation’s changing attitude towards Marriage Equality affects us.

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FOF #1365 – Auditioning for Greatness

Our gal pal comedian Cameron Espositio has been clawing her way up the entertainment ladder to become America’s next top lesbian comedian and she recently had the prestigious opportunity to audition for one of the greats of late night television.

What’s it like to audition for a gig that could launch your career into the big time, and does it involve ice cubes and pique turns?

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FOF #1295 – Lesbian in a Bridesmaid’s Dress

Comedian Cameron Esposito talks about hosting a burlesque show, circus life and her Nancy Drew like experience of discovering her friend’s secret sex dungeon. Cameron recently took a lipstick bullet and femmed it up for her sister’s wedding, with hilarious results.

Plus- Celebrities die digitally for AIDS, Beer for Dogs, Mountain Climbing Pumps and Rhinestone Covered Guns.

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FOFA #1155 – Gagalicious Live Show from Steamworks

Teri Yaki was recently asked to audition for “America’s Got Talent’ based on her her performance in this live show at Steamworks. Congrats Teri Yaki!

Today we put our homemade gyroscopic metal outfits to the test for a live show at the sexiest place on earth: Steamworks.

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FOF #1260 – Strangers with Candy

We could have brought anyone onto this show: Paula Poundstone, Suzanne Westhoffer, Ellen DeGeneres. Cameron Esposito is what Feast of Fun is all about! She’s dazzling, she’s exciting, and very, very sexy! I mean funny.

Join us as we meet Cameron’s new comedy sidekick and talk about the roast of Bill Cruz and performing in Provincetown and meeting Varla Jean Merman.

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FOF #1201 – Just for Laughs

Chicago is about to be invaded by an army of very funny people for the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. To kick off the event, they’ve picked Cameron Esposito, who gonna get this party started, quickly.

Join us we talk about our adventures at IML (International Mister Leather Contest and Conference) and all the hot news including: Rue McClanahan’s death, the oil spill in the gulf, and strange ice cream flavors.

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