FOF #1260 – Strangers with Candy

Sep 28, 2010 · 1985 views

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We could have brought anyone onto this show: Paula Poundstone, Suzanne Westhoffer, Ellen DeGeneres. Cameron Esposito is what Feast of Fun is all about! She’s dazzling, she’s exciting, and very, very sexy! I mean funny.

Join us as we meet Cameron’s new comedy sidekick and talk about the roast of Bill Cruz and performing in Provincetown and meeting Varla Jean Merman.



    You guys should break this news- A few hours ago the Fox 8 program “Australia’s next top model” aired their live finale.
    They told one girl that she had won……fireworks, crying, shots of the family…….minutes later, they announced that their had been a miscalculation and that the runner-up had actually won the title.

    The 3 hour build up ended with the most awkward television I have ever witnessed!

    Love the show, I listen ever night! You two are gifts to us all!

  2. teal says:

    Great show! I clicked on your name in the shows description and wow Cameron, you look really different on your website. 😛 Lookin’ all college studenty…with your backpack..

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