FOF #1363 – Victoria’s Secret

Apr 15, 2011 · 1985 views

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Victoria’s got a secret! Want to know what it is? For the past month she’s been transitioning to living full-time as a woman.

For V-Marr, this is a new a new chapter in her life. For us, it’s having a friend we’ve known for years come to the realization that they are happier as a woman. This doesn’t happen every day.


  1. Dag says:

    Hi Fausto & Marc, it was the both of U including Victoria LaMarr that influenced me to start my own podcast back in 2005! i no longer podcast, but i will never forget how great your show was and continues to be absolutely fabulous! much love – Dag

  2. Angela says:

    Go, Victoria! Congrats on this new self-discovery 🙂

  3. victoria lamarr says:

    thank you Angela

  4. Angela says:

    You’re welcome, V-Marr! And just a random note, your joke about going into politics is perfectly valid here in New Zealand. Our very own Georgina Beyer was the world’s first openly trans mayor and Member of Parliament! And she’s unemployed at the mo, so maybe y’all can go on tour together. 😉

  5. Xavi says:

    Go V-Marr! there is an obvious joy in your voice! Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. Renata T. says:

    Hi V! You look fabulous! The weird thing is that I always thought that you were trans and when they announced it I was like: uhhh I was wrong all this time?

    Guys? Were you read that we have trans bathrooms here in Brazil? I never saw it and I’m a big fag hag. The only time that I saw something similar was when I went to a major gay club and they just had one big bathroom with an old lesbo “taking care” of everything.

  7. brian says:

    Oh V-marr, you’re a jem. The first episode that I ever listened to, way back in 2005/2004 (it was in the 120s), was with you. I’m so glad you’re still raising hell. And congratulations on making the change, you’re already a wonderful woman.

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