FOF #1367 – Deven & Joel’s Big Time Fun Show

Apr 22, 2011 · 1985 views

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Today, two of our favorite guests, YouTube’s comedy queen Deven Green and Joel Bryant!

Joel was cast as an understudy in a major Broadway comedy and Deven has a new video where she’s the judge, jury, executioner and host of a fashion show from a time when nuclear bombs could destroy everything so you had to look good on the runway or the commies win.


  1. Special Needs Kids, Rejoice Your Truth!

  2. THANK YOU M and F! We truly have a ball or two with you both. Please post your entries for two free tickets to any one of our San Fran shows by Wed. March 27th. If you don’t know how to enter just listen to the podcast 🙂

  3. Joel Bryant says:

    Yes! I would like to second what Deven said – all of it. We truly have two balls or four with you both!!

    Always a pleasure, a laugh, a tickle and a whisper to a scream……

    Post a funny for free tix!!

  4. colaboy29 says:

    I totally skipped the last few episodes I haven’t heard yet when I saw Deven and Joel’s episode on my podcast list! You two make me laugh out loud through the whole show! Thanks for another great episode! Wish I were in California so I could see you two perform. Big hug from the land of Walt Disney World…

    -Reid in Orlando

  5. Just to clarify, you just need to call to reserve a ticket (unless you win your tickets here)!
    April 28th (Thur) 7pm and 9pm / April 29th (Fri) 7pm and 9pm

    Reserve: 415.317.6411
    915 Cayuga Ave – San Francisco

    PS: The Prince concert we were talking about was the single greatest performance I have seen. Period.

  6. Angela says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Been slammed this weekend but finally caught up on my podcasts—can’t miss a Deven & Joel show! Sadly I’ll have to miss their SF appearance unless I stumble across a spare $2600 in the next two days (airfare from NZ to US is even more outlandish than usual).

    Slutwalks are going global now, with one in the UK, at least one in Oz and two down here in Auckland and Wellington. I’m proud to support it, but not thrilled it’s going to be mid-June around the Winter Solstice. Black fishnet stockings and black frost-bit hineys!

  7. Calvin Foon says:

    Love the show. Deven is amazing….and her husband is HOOTTT!!!!

  8. OK, I desperately want to win two FREE tickets to the Friday night show at 9pm. PUH-LEEZ! I’m just a poor and humble queen tryin’ to get by in this world and being guest-listed to events is the only way I feel valued by other performers and artists. If I have to pay, I feel common and “less than”. I like to feel “greater than”. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  9. We have a winner…Peaches 🙂

  10. Tony Gonzales says:

    Oh Joel & Deven are two of my favorite tranny guest stars I’ve ever heard! That and I wouldn’t kick them out of bed for eating .. well anything. Those two put a crack in my ass like nobody beeswax…..was that enough? Do I get tix? ..

    Oh and Great show Fausto & Mark 😉


    Tony G

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