FOFA #1686 – 50 Shades of Halloween

May 9, 2013 · 1985 views

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Oh sweet surrender! Whether it’s gristly doom or erotic orgasm, the buildup of tension and release is universal to pleasure. And that is why I put on my special black spandex outfit for you today! (Laughing maniacally).

We’re thrilled to present 50 Shades of Halloween: sexy gay tales of terror complete with monsters, ghosts, murderers, zombies, all downright evil bitches, read to you by some of our favorite guests.


  1. Panchoub says:

    Absolutely like Halloween stories .. And their gay .. Hot and spicy dicy..stories.. Loveing them.. Literally had a hard on listing to them.

  2. I’m working on a new story about a dystopian future ruled by an evil dentist and filled with cock sucking zombies.

    • Alan says:


      50 Shades of Halloween is one of my favorite among the shows you guys have put together over the years. Every story was full of awesomeness. Is that cock-sucking zombie story for this year’s edition, or are we getting a Halloween in July thing? I mean, why not? Christmas does it! Anyway, that sounds like all kinds of spine-chilling sexy fun. It was nice hearing Zach again, does he know Brian? For some reason I can’t explain; I have a feeling that getting Zach and Brian on the same episode would be fun thing to do. Also: any chance of getting Marsian Delellis to write and/or read a story for this year’s Feast of Fun’s Halloween special? You totally should get Alaska and Sharon to read and/or write one too! Should I start spamming their twitter feeds now?

      • It takes Marc several months to write all the stories, so please be patient! xoxoxo

        Also working on a story about a horny poltergeist who makes a straight guy go gay. “Don’t trust the ghost in apartment 23.”

  3. John says:

    I had forgotten I wrote this for you guys. Haha.

    Been going through old episodes and such. I am going to start listening again. One of these days I will save up enough for premium access.

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