FOF #1990 – Spoiler Alert!

May 20, 2014 · 1985 views

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Since we tape our podcast in advance, we don’t really know who ultimately won RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season Six, and become America’s Next Drag Superstar.

Who are you kidding, of course we all know Bianca Del Rio won or did she? Did Adore Delano win it? Joining us today is Chad Sell, illustrator to the drag queen stars, and Tim Jones-Yelvington, who’s well known for his drag race recap videos.


  1. Bianca Del Rio with Jinkx Monsoon and Shangela at the coronation ceremony last night. FIERCE!

  2. Bryce says:

    Another great episode. I am so happy for Bianca Del Rio. I’m also happy for DeLa and Joslyn Fox because in my opinion they were not given nearly another credit for being the awesome drag queens that they are. I did kind of have weird feelings about the impromptu nuptials between Joslyn and Andre, however one of the biggest gripes this season was that RuPaul married five straight couples instead of five gay couples.

    I cringed at the awkward scene between Adore and Ganj. I felt it was overproduced and unnecessary. Very exploitative. If you were going to put Ganj-Ganj in a room with anyone I would have rather it been Bianca Del Rio.

    I loved Bianca reading Jiggly Caliente.

    Magnolia. WHAT THE FUCK?

    Trinity K. Bonet I love her but he chest and mid-drift shading looked … like a spray tan gone wrong. There’s even a moment when she comes down when her name is called and she is turning around to go back upstage and you see that the spray job was very uneven. I do like the concept of the outfit and I felt like she was going for something along the same line as Detox’s monochrome, Veronica Lake look from last reunion.

    I’m glad Darienne and DeLa made up.

    Poor, poor Courtney. I do think she got a bad edit but had she owned it like Darienne she would’ve come off more endearing.

    Overall a great show with great guests! XOXO!

  3. Hey guys, I’m having problems trying to dl this on my feed.

  4. It was my first time going to a bar to watch the finale. I was at Mickeys in WeHo for it and damn near everyone screamed when Bianca won. I felt like I was at a sports bar on the Superbowl. Who ever said the Oscars are the gay Superbowl? I don’t think so. Not anymore. If Rupauls Drag Race isn’t the the gay Superbowl, than the Superbowl is the new gay Superbowl #michaelsam #recruit #lesspad.

    The show was great guys. I cannot wait for you kick starter for cooking with Drag Queens. You guys will go super far. Please have Hedda Lettus Wedge Salad. Maybe get Laganja Estranga Edible Pound Cake with a side of Trinty Special K. Bonett crispy treats. I’m a meat lover so I want some Pork chop or Roxie Andrews rump roast served Thick and juicey y’all. Okay enough already. I’ll cut you a check when I’m in Chicago for ImL.

  5. Zipper says:

    Same download problem – I use Downcast. – Can stream from web, and will probably listen that way, but thought you guys would want to know.

  6. YCantIBU says:

    Why is it that when Eurovision’s winner, Conchita Wurst, is mentioned, that nobody seems to remember that a transgender woman named Dana Internatonal won Eurovision for Israel in 1998 for her song “Diva”? Look it up! Don’t forget the past! 😉

    • Bryce says:

      I think that proves just how forgettable these sort of winners are. Everyone knows Kelly Clarkson won American Idol but I guarantee most people could not name the subsequent winners. There’s the saying that one of the biggest curses is winning a reality show. I have a feeling this time next year Conchita Wurst, no matter how talented she is will be forgotten by the people who sought to make her famous. It’s so sad but it proves that fame is fleeting.

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