FOF #1989 – Madison Hinton is Always On

May 19, 2014 · 1985 views

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Is this on? Is it ON!? You better believe Madison Hinton is on!

Joining us today is the SHE-larious Madison Hinton from Atlanta, Georgia, best known for her Vine videos as the “big dicked bitch.” The popularity of these videos have catapulted her into internet stardom.

Listen as Madison Hinton chats with us about the roller coaster ride her life has been lately now that she’s transitioning from an adult entertainer, to an entertainer for adults.


  1. Bryce says:

    Madison is back! Get yo pussy up!!!! Woo-hoo!

  2. Bryce says:

    Another great podcast. I absolutely love Madison. Some might not appreciate her blunt delivery but she is doing a lot more to educate the masses on trans issues than a lot of those individuals sitting behind their computers.

    Can Tommy please be the third member of Feast of Fun? He is adorable and I love hearing his voice.

    If Jay Z is wailing on Beyonce then I’m glad Solange beat the crap out of him. I don’t condone violence, period, but I especially don’t condone a man laying his fingers on a woman.

    Another great show. Can’t wait for the next. Love you uncles! XOXO

  3. great to have Madison in person on the show! As Bryce said, I appreciate Madison’s take on trans activism far more than the trans bloggers such as your previous guest, who’s name I can never remember because it’s too damn long, but Madison comes from a place of positivity, while the trans blogger comes from a place of negativity. These bloggers who sit behind their computers thrive on negativity and are always looking for something to whine and complain about, and when they are done whining and complaining about one thing, they move onto something else to whine and complain about, and most of the time, it’s trivial shit from the media. No positive discussions are coming out of this, sure sometimes they get people to apologize or change their viewpoint slightly, but there is still this sense of resentment and negativity left behind. It reminds me of a kid getting scolded by his mom for doing something wrong and then being forced to apologize when they really don’t want to.

    People might say in defense of these trans bloggers “well, what is important is that a discussion is being made” well, OK, but if that discussion goes nowhere, and just leads to unresolved arguments and fighting, then what’s the point? Does is create any change or progress? no!!!! these bloggers are just one giant black hole of negativity, and surprise surprise, most people don’t react too well to it and want nothing to do with them, and no progress is made, and both sides are left being bitter and angry towards one another. go team.

    I can see trans folk like Madison creating progress and change, but the trans bloggers, it’ll be a long uphill battle before any real progress is made the way things are going right now.

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